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Delighting To Obey God Almighty

Obey God Almighty Christian podcast graphic by You Are You podcast by The Yay Project by Jenni Lien

I took a few days off Instagram.

Still checked it here and there, say 1 to 4 times a day, but way lower than usual. And it made a difference! My phone alert said I was on my phone 40% less than the week before. It also made a difference in my spiritual life.

The reason I wanted to take time off in the first place was to hear God clearly. I knew some selfishness had emerged, some selfish ambition. And I needed to relax and refocus.

Sometimes when things are going well, when things have become a success, we want to keep doing them that way. It can be scary to try new things. New things often mean growth - we’re not used to doing the new thing, we have a lot to learn, we feel like a newbie all over again. We’re starting from the ground up.

But… this approach is self centred, isn’t it? I realised my concerns were selfish.

Whatever God says to do, I must do.

If God is calling me to serve more offline, I must obey. If God says pivot and learn new things, I must pivot and learn new things and not hold onto how things worked in another season. After all, I knew I wasn’t pivoting for myself. I knew I wasn’t thinking about trying new things so I could be famous.

I was pivoting because God said to pivot. That’s got to be enough for me.

God’s direction, even when we don’t fully understand, has to be enough. (But God is merciful right! He often does let us in on what he is doing. He does remind us of prayers we’ve prayed in the past even if we’ve temporarily forgotten…!)

Above all, we must always remember that we live to serve God not our own agendas. There’s no peace in our own agendas anyway - truly is anything worth doing if God isn’t in it?

Let’s never forget the majesty of who God is, that he is such a good God who does exceedingly abundantly more than we could ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). In him, we are always safe; obeying God is always, always, always the right decision. If it’s not clear today, keep obeying. God is faithful. He will reveal more in his perfect timing.

More in this week’s episode of @yaypodcast “Delighting To Obey God Almighty.” ❤️

Come join in as we:

  • Marvel at the majesty of God

  • Discuss three testimonies of radical obedience

  • Chat about how obedience has affected my walk with The Yay Project this season

  • And encourage each other to get right with God and obey him today

Listen to You Are You Podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.


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