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New Year, New Job, New Testimony

A dream came true this week.

I remember the day I told my small group that if God ever gave me the opportunity, I’d love to be in full time ministry. Not necessarily at a church, but maybe for a Christian organization or even my own ministry. It might sound like “that’s great - lots of people have that dream” but for me, to me, it showed how much work God has done in my heart. In my twenties, my priorities were live abroad, travel for work, go to media events, buy all the things. And then after living like this for a while, achieving what I always thought I wanted, God redirected me… and I found myself saying yes. 

Yes because at rock bottom, I saw how feeble my human efforts were at happiness. Yes because when I felt strong again, God’s glory was still more glorious than any worldly thing I’d tasted. Still, the journey from glam expat life to full-time ministry wasn’t immediate. I think it’s been about 3 years since that small group session. And yes, I’ve been serving via Yay and Pink and New (and will continue to do so!), but joining a wonderful Christian organization feels like such an answered prayer. Heart full after my first day at The Salvation Army in Canada (Territorial Headquarters) — I’m in their Internal Communications team.

Did you know...

The Army gives hope and support to vulnerable people in 400 communities across Canada and in 133 countries around the world. With the public’s generosity, in 2022 in Canada the Army:

  • Provided 4,800 shelter, addictions, detox and mental health beds for vulnerable men, women and families

  • Served 3.9 million meals at shelters and in feeding programs

  • Assisted 1.5 million persons with food, clothing or practical assistance

I shared a version of this testimony on IG earlier this week and was so blessed by the outpouring of support from friends and also all the love for what The Army does! A friend in Manila even said she'd passed the International HQ in London recently and had thought it would be a wonderful place to work. Looking forward to serving in this new role.

I was texting a friend a few months ago and said something like “I feel like God is ripping up the playbook for how I see life and showing me there are new ways to live.” Anyone else going through this? Growing in the Lord, in the way he wants, is the best feeling. As we enter 2024, may we commit to living openhearted towards God and letting him take over — doing whatever he wants with our whole being.

Are you in? Let’s pray for and encourage each other. There’s no time to waste — let’s live life God’s way. He’s got incredible things in store.


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