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Whose Expectations Are We Trying to Meet?

Have you had conversations lately with people who feel / know / sense / have seen signs that they’re stepping into a God-given calling? Maybe it’s starting a business, entering grad school, writing a children’s book. But, even still, they feel intimidated. Like who are they to be trying such things?

I’ve had quite a few this week with others… and myself.

On Episode 5 of the You Are You Podcast ("Whose Expectations Are We Trying to Meet?"), I share about how lately I’ve felt intimidated. I’ve procrastinated. I’ve been scared. I’ve been so many things I thought I’d gotten over. Finally I slowed down and really pressed in with God. Why wasn’t I feeling as free as I used to when serving him? What had changed?

And God showed me how I was letting my own expectations get in the way of what he wanted to do.

I was getting intimidated by my God-given dreams because I was starting to rely on myself. I was focusing on, and praying about, the timing I wanted, the method I wanted, the results I wanted. I needed to surrender again and let him lead.

The truth is we WILL mess up if we stop seeking God and try to do things in our own strength and wisdom.

For example, look at the story of how the Gibeonites deceived Israel in Joshua 9:14-15.

So the Israelites examined their food, but they did not consult the Lord. Then Joshua made a peace treaty with them and guaranteed their safety, and the leaders of the community ratified their agreement with a binding oath.

Three days later they realized they’d been duped but couldn’t break their oath.

Now they hadn’t been ignorant on purpose (relatable, no? 😅) They’d asked questions and examined the evidence. But they hadn’t consulted God. It was a lesson for Joshua - even though he had so clearly been appointed and anointed by God to succeed Moses and lead the Israelites, he still needed to seek God in all things, daily. Same goes for us. 

Christian blog graphic for You Are You podcast Episode 5 "Whose Expectations Are We Trying to Meet?" by The Yay Project Jenni Lien

We’ve got to remember that we’re not doing things in our own strength. We should not be working on our God-given dreams without God. We live for him - so of course we must want him to lead right? A friend of mine likes to say, “God’s plan, God’s bill to pay.” Amen. 💥

Listen to the full episode on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.


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