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When God Answers Your 'That Would Be Kind of Cool...' Dreams

Christian quote prayer encouragement by Jenni Lien of The Yay Project

You know how sometimes you have a dream but it’s not a major dream. Just something that you think would be really cool. You don’t work towards it or anything because it’s that farfetched. Today God made one of those dreams come true for me and I’m just so in awe of his kindness. And since he loves us all the same, whether or not you relate to this experience now, we can be sure he has dream-worthy things in store for us. Because that’s the kind of God we have. Who gifts us with more than the bare necessities even though we’re undeserving. I didn’t need the gift I got today but am full of joy.

As I was giving thanks, it just really hit me that God is in control of more details than we can imagine. This current coronavirus outbreak … he knew it was coming. He knows where it’s going. And in the thick of things, he is working.

This year my church’s theme is ‘Our God is a God of order.’

*For God is not a God of confusion (disorder) but of peace (order), as in all the churches of the saints. (1 Corinthians 14:33)⁣

The context of Paul’s letter is a rebuke of the Corinthian church’s worship practices which were out of control and confusing. Paul appeals to them by reminding them that our God is a God of order and not confusion.⁣

Christian prayer encouragement blog by The Yay Project

We might be confused during times of unexpected crisis but God is not confused. Maybe he is giving us an opportunity now to join with him to get our own lives in order. To confess sin, forgive, serve, intercede, seek his will etc. It’s always true that we are not promised tomorrow but sometimes we need a little help remembering this. Let’s not waste this opportunity to wake up and get right with / partner with God.

No matter how broken things get, we can trust God never changes. He is a good, good Father. Jehovah Jireh, our provider. While I will probably still pray / think about outlandish dreams (I think God likes this), I pray more and more that my wants are in line with his will. Prepare me, O God. Help me become a woman after your own heart. To not waste the waiting or overlook training opportunities. To be ready when you say go.

With me? Let’s support each other ❤️ Please comment or DM me if you’d like to pray together ☺️ #theyayproject