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Should Christians Watch Netflix?

Christian art graphic by Jenni Lien of The Yay Project

Last week, I realized there were new episodes of Suits on Netflix so I dug in. And I was quickly reminded of why I used to love the show so much. The drama, the clothes ... it’s so entertaining and gorgeous. Now when I watch it though, I’m struck by how much the characters try and atone for their sins ... they are willing to sacrifice themselves (e.g. go to jail) in order to pay for their sins. The characters also lie, scheme, betray and manipulate regularly for the good of themselves or the firm, even doing this to their loved ones. A major reason the show is so popular is because the characters are likeable despite all this. We love Harvey’s bravado, Jessica’s steeliness, Donna’s heart. But, even if we love the people, we shouldn’t normalise unhealthy behavior. In real life, I wouldn’t choose these people as my close friends so I started wondering why I would choose to spend so many hours watching them on screen. ⁣ *Do not be deceived: "Bad company ruins good morals." - 1 Corinthians 15:33⁣ This is an area I’m becoming more passionate about because I see it affecting my walk with God. Even just the fact that it means I spend less time with him. More and more, Netflix isn’t a watch one episode and then switch it off thing. Binge watching can be so addictive and then that’s a big chunk of the day I spent ‘entertained’ with unhealthy views.

Today I finished a book called I Give You Authority by Charles H. Kraft (retired professor from @fullerseminary) which is all about learning to live and serve God with the authority he’s given us. It’s amazing (hope to write about it later) and today these parts reminded me of how I want to live.

“God’s power is there for us through the filling of the Holy Spirit. But keeping our wills lined up with God’s can be another matter. This comes for us, as with Jesus, from spending time with God in private and listening to Him as we represent Him in ministry and all other facets of our lives.”⁣ “Spiritually mature Christians love God and his people passionately, and they hate anything that takes them away from God. (quote from Jack Deere, retired professor @dallasseminary)⁣

As I was praying this morning, I confessed that I was feeling far from God and thought it had to do with my Netflix watching (a week or so of watching episodes here and there). I asked for insight into how I could rekindle my fire for him and felt him remind me to be hungry for, to crave the things he’s shown me. God’s been showing me areas to learn about and things to do for him and I’m so excited! And yet got distracted with TV. So I pray that studying God’s word, worshipping, listening, praying my heart out, and doing the tasks he’s set for me become the fun my heart craves. And that God helps me retrain so I can be an effective, humble, passionate servant of his. ❤️ #theyayproject


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