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The Karl Experience | A Futuristic, Secret Dinner

“Oooh eee!” is how I felt walking out of The Karl Experience last Thursday night.

It all started with a text message. The Karl Experience – a new pop-up, themed molecular gastronomy dining experience by ANDSOFORTH, is in a top-secret location and guests are only texted clues to its whereabouts 24 hours before their seating. Don’t worry though, it won’t take you too long to decipher it. If all else fails there are enough hints that the central-ish location is Google mappable.

From the moment you arrive, you’ll realise this won’t be your average evening. Inside (if you can get past the doorman), you’ll instantly be transported into a dystopian future. The year becomes 2070, your new friends are Tabby and Ethan, and you’re in a chic, sleek, icy cool location in the sky waiting to find out why you have been chosen to join Mr. Lagerfeld’s archeological dig back in time to 2015.

Oh wait, obviously it’s because you’ve got it going on in the fashion department. Sadly, it seems humans have reaped the earth of all natural resources by 2070 and fashion is obsolete. The hope of a solution lies with Karl… and he has selected to you help. It’s a big responsibility, so you’ll want to wear your futuristic finest for this event, or at least stick to the colour palette of black, white, silver and gray.

Part of the fun of this secret dinner is being surprised so I won’t reveal too much, but here are a few sneak peaks about what to expect.

The atmosphere Be prepared to get involved! After you’ve had a chance to take in the fantastical atmosphere, have a chat with the actors (who impressively do not break character) and learn about life in 2070 while they ask you about life in 2015. Later on, you’ll be able to show off your fashion expertise and may even participate in one of Karl’s fashion shows.

The drinks The drinks are specially crafted by Mixes from Mars and they are excellent. You’ll be welcomed with a glass of Halcyon Stimulation, a bourbon-based drink with flamed rosemary, citrus and angostura bitters, once you walk in the door.

If you prefer something non-alcoholic, ask for an Orbs of Serenity. A blend of orange juice, calamansi, rose water and topped with lynchee spheres, it tastes just like an orange creamicle and is perfectly ‘grammable. It’s definitely one of the better mocktails I’ve had in Singapore (and I’ve had a few)!

Or perhaps you’d fancy a Date with Destiny, a Topical Expedition, or a Time Traveller’s Essential – you’ll also be able to get these at the dinner.

The food Full disclosure: I was contemplating having a snack before attending as I figured molecular gastronomy portions might be…small. I didn’t need to worry, as the portions are generous and the options familiar. You won’t be eating anything too futuristic; think truffle risotto topped with gold-dusted wild mushrooms.

They are also good at taking dietary preferences into account so make sure you flag this to the organizers ahead of time.

If living a movie sounds like your thing, then gather your most stylish pals and book your tickets now because you only have until 12th September to be part of Karl’s crew (#squadgoals).

This post first appeared on Sassy Singapore.

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