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Introducing the You Are You Podcast!


You Are You podcast was launched in August 2020 and aims to:  

  1. encourage us to embrace our God-given design,

  2. serve out our Kingdom calling, and

  3. most of all love God 100%.


The podcast has reached 8,000+ listens and charted all around the world... and even made the top 10 in Apple Podcast's Christianity charts in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and India! It is now in Season 3.

Jesus is coming back soon. When he does, I pray we run boldly to him knowing we lived our lives as best as we could ... that we embraced who God made us to be, completed the plans he prepared for us, and praised his name boldly for we were not ashamed of the gospel.⁣


Join in, dear friends—everyone is welcome!


Listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Follow @yaypodcast on Instagram.


“You Are You Podcast is so uplifting! I love that Jenni encourages a deeper walk with God through Scriptures, real life experiences and her love of Jesus. I feel like I have a close friend walking on this journey with me every time I listen. I look forward to every episode as they are not too long and not too short for my busy lifestyle (mom of 5). If you’re looking for fun, encouraging ways to be uplifted and motivated to grow in your relationship with God, I definitely recommend listening and subscribing to You Are You Podcast!” - EmeteriaS

“I have to say this is one of the or THE best podcast I have listened to. I am so in awe of how each episode makes me love Jesus more. I am always so inspired by the words of Jenni and how she loves God 100 percent and it really does make me love God more and more. The life experiences of Jenni are so relatable and I am surely learning to accept my God given design the more I listen to this podcast. It is such a good listen. I normally never leave reviews but this was too good not to! So blessed and thankful for this podcast, so glad to have found this podcast through the @the.yay.project on instagram.” - Princy❤️

"I am so inspired by Jenni to live a bold and joyful life in Jesus. Her words and art and this podcast are a true representation of living for the King and nudging others to do the same! I'm so grateful for Jenni and You Are You! YAY! <3" - Becky Morquecho

"If you’re looking to grow in your faith and develop a closer walk with God, then I highly recommend subscribing to this podcast! Jenni genuinely loves the Lord and wants to help all of us love him as well. I love that she walks with her listener and shares insight and testimonies from her own personal journey. You’ll definitely walk away with practical tips for your faith, encouragement, or wisdom after each episode. Looking forward to more wonderful podcast episodes from Jenni!" - Shanté Grossett

“Jenni is vulnerable and honest as she shares her faith and walk with the Lord. This podcast has so many great practical ideas and is full of worship and praise for our Saviour. A must listen for any Christian woman!” - GabbyB94

“It's always pleasant when I realise it's Monday and Jenni's next YAY podcast will be available. I always come away refreshed and encouraged by Jenni's earnest perspective and wise, holy focus on our Lord Jesus. It helps me examine my heart. Definitely give this podcast a listen.” - Wildergeese

“Jenni’s joy and love for the Lord spills out in the words she speaks as clearly as the ones she writes. She uses her personal experiences and intimate knowledge of Scripture to encourage and inspires other women with a heart for God.” - Ellie Di Julio

“She is so uplifting and knowledgeable about the word. I feel like I’m listening to my best friend talk to me. Thank you so much for wisdom and sharing your light with us!” - haylittlelady

“Jenni’s sweet, soothing voice is just what I need at the end of my day. I love her reminders to follow God with our whole heart and how she weaves scripture through the podcast with her insights and life applications. I always have an action step in my own life after listening. So thankful to have found her and @the.yay.project on Instagram to point me back to trusting God with everything even in the waiting times and trials of life.” - CGKM 

“It’s a blessing to be able to experience God’s abundant love and grace through Jenni’s creative work and ministry. Jenni is a gifted soul and her uplifting podcast is a weekly treat that inspires me to love more, pray harder, and work with purpose. I follow her on Instagram for daily inspiration and this podcast is another great tool for entrepreneurs who seek to build a strong faith-based routine — I always learn a few things from Jenni and share the takeaways with my colleagues and friends around the world. So very grateful for this joyful podcast that highlights Jenni’s compassionate leadership. ♥️” - JooraffeJournal

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