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Vision on How To Wait on God Well

Some seasons of waiting are long.

Sometimes I feel like 99% of my posts are about waiting but that’s the season I’m in… and I’m learning to enjoy it. Not in my own strength though, but in seeking God and asking him to please give me the strength and wisdom to not just survive but thrive in this season.


If God has us in a season of waiting, then he has a purpose for it.

In all seasons, may we seek God wholeheartedly. Each day, may we go before him and ask for his help. It’s really exciting in a way isn’t it, that what worked last season or even yesterday may not be enough for what God is asking us to do today. We get daily bread (Matthew 6:11) - let’s get our fresh daily bread!

Jenni Lien blogger at Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

If you’re in a season of waiting too, consider this:

Imagine yourself in a protective bubble. Maybe not a huge bubble but comfortable, with a few perfectly chosen things to keep you company. You could bang against the edge of the bubble, getting frustrated, angry, dissatisfied. Or you could lie still and enjoy the presence of God, play with / do the godly things he’s given you, say “no thanks” to the junk food toys that try and distract you. You could choose to include him in all you do, letting him transform you, enjoying each moment until he says it’s time to go. When Jesus melts the bubble away and takes you by the hand to your next destination.

christian blogger quote waiting by Jenni Lien of The Yay Project

I asked God for some encouragement today and he showed me the above. It reminded me of how much he loves his children and is so good. God isn’t making us wait because he’s a meanie - that perspective is so wrong isn’t it? Everything he does is based on love - it’s who he is (1 John 4:8). So we can trust him. We can obey him. We can love him with all our hearts. He will never, ever, ever let us down. We are blessed to be so loved by him - may our thoughts, actions, hearts be honouring to him. May our lives be a testimony that show we love and trust him 100%.


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