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Sharing on the We Are Free Podcast

Jenni Lien on We Are Free Podcast by Becky Morquecho Christian

There is something so powerful about seeing / hearing testimonies play out in real time.

In the past few days, I’ve been reminded of how God really makes beauty from ashes - how he’s doing this everyday. I love seeing photos of @beckymorquecho (host of the We Are Free podcast) enjoying life with her family - how God is moving after struggles with infertility. I loved listening to Becky’s episode with @dorinagilmore - how despite a heartbreaking, confusing loss, she is able to rely on God and say “My love story lives on. These new chapters are not Plan B. This is all part of the glory story my Risen Savior wrote for me from the beginning. And still I rise.” I loved reading an interview with @dallas.jenkins on how The Chosen emerged after a career low - how it seemed God was about to make his greatest Hollywood dreams come true only to see them fall apart in hours … and now look at what God is doing. I’m so humbled to be able to see / hear about God at work - how I’m trying to find the words to express my awe over these testimonies but not quite managing to express myself.

Things don’t always make sense but I’m convinced God always does.

Trusting him and letting go during my hardest trial changed my life and so perhaps that’s why I love hearing about how other people have done this too. Especially because it’s so clear to me that we’re never alone during rock bottom moments. God is there, helping us to trust him - the greatest grace.

All this to say I’m thankful for the opportunity to have shared part of my testimony with Becky on We Are Free.

As I listened to my episode, I chuckled at how I was trying so hard to articulate my testimony but the words still don’t quite grasp my thankfulness. But I think we must always try. Please give it a listen, on Apple Podcasts (subscribe!) or Becky’s website.

It’s worth trying to express our love for God even if it’s hard. It’s worth telling our friends about Jesus even if we stumble around our words. It’s worth loving God with all we are because he truly loves us more than we could ever know. And he is helping us always.

May we believe it, feel it, honour his love. May we pass it on wherever we go.


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