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New menu review: Giando, an Italian restaurant, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Reviewing a new 6-course winter vegetarian menu

Tucked away on a corner of the chic Star Street area is Giando. This Italian food gem has been a firm favourite since it opened over 15 years ago and for good reason: great ingredients, recipes, cooking and an elegantly comfortable vibe. Before I went, I’d heard from a few friends that it was the crowning jewel in Chef Gianno Caprioli’s stable of restaurants (also includes Gia Trattoria Italiana, Fishsteria and So I was excited to check it out, for their new 6-course Winter Vegetarian Menu ($798 per person).

Giando Italian restaurant in Hong Kong

The new menu aims to showcase Italy’s hearty and versatile seasonal produce. Items including chicory, Jerusalem artichokes, turnip, radicchio, Savoy cabbage and pumpkin were all sourced from small-scale family farms and cooked into comforting, warming dishes.

So what’s on the menu?

Salad at Giando Italian restaurant in Hong Kong

Cicoria con gorgonzola, pere e noci e balsamico

We started with a chicory salad which included pear, walnuts and a light, creamy, sweet gorgonzola dressing. Beautifully balanced.

Salad at Giando Italian restaurant in Hong Kong

Vellutata di topinambur e carciofi

Next up was a vegan Jerusalem artichoke soup topped with braised artichokes. This one was a bit thin in terms of flavour and texture but had a soothing aroma.

Pasta at Giando Italian restaurant in Hong Kong

Fusillone con cime di rapa e crusco

Pasta with fresh vegetables and herbs is such a treat. This fusilli dish was packed with turnip tips and southern Italian Crusco peppers. Fragrant and delicious.

Risotto at Giando Italian restaurant in Hong Kong

Risotto con radicchio e cipolla

Fans of caramelized onions will love this risotto. The sauce was rich, creamy and full of that moreish savoury-sweet flavour.

Risotto at Giando Italian restaurant in Hong Kong

Cavolo arrosto, nicciola e tartufo nero

I’ve had cabbage mains on vegetarian menus a few times now. This is one of the best I’ve ever seen and tasted. Beautifully presented with sharp, creamy, and lightly charred flavours coming together beautifully.

Dessert at Giando Italian restaurant in Hong Kong

Cheesecake alla zucca e amaretto

The menu ends with a goat cheese cheesecake. The texture was very smooth and accompanied by a sophisticated yet homey amaretto pumpkin puree.


It’s great to see more restaurants offering sophisticated vegetarian menus. Giando has a nice one which will be available for the next few months (no specific end date). Give it a try the next time you’re looking for a nice date night spot though the volume and vibe make it a great choice for a business meal too.

Starcrest Block 1, Shop 1, G/F, Tower, 9 Star St, Wan Chai, 2511 8912


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