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32... Going On 40?

We hear about crazy faith and how with it God can do the impossible… but what happens when you had crazy faith and it didn’t work out and now it’s hard to have even 80% faith? I recently took a four-day prayer retreat because I felt God encourage me to do some things and I was struggling—thinking what’s the point of dreaming/planning (thinking about life at age 40!) when you’ve dream/planned before and it didn’t work out. And I pondered: Is it ever worth it to guard our hearts against God? To trust in God a little less? To rely on things we can control over the one who controls everything? (We know the answer don’t we 🙃)

New episode: 32... Going on... 40?

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In life, we go through different stages and I really hope and pray that whatever I'm going through, I'll be able to pursue holiness, give my whole heart to God, and share, honestly, in the hopes that testifying will help someone else keep pressing in with God. We’re not strong 100% of the time but we can encourage each other to keep going (Proverbs 27:17—iron sharpens iron).

We don't get all the answers and it's not easy. Sometimes when we have tried our best to hear God and believe for the impossible and then not seeing it come to pass… it can be difficult to keep dreaming as big. Like maybe once we dreamed 100% and now your dreams are at 80%. You don’t dare to dream that extra 20%. Even a small switch, where we start to put up walls between us and God… that’s not right.

Even if we feel disappointed in God, may we remember his truth over our emotions. It shouldn’t be that we have less faith in him. We don’t need to protect ourselves from God because no matter what we are safest in and have the highest potential when we’re close to him.


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