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What’s the State of Your Heart?

Christian graphic by The Yay Project by Jenni Lien

As I lay down to write this (stomach down on my bed, asking God what he wanted to say), I felt him ask me:

“What’s the state of your heart right now?”

Umm. I wasn’t sure?

I thought maybe it was splintered, not that hearts are splintered. But that there were so many areas where I wanted God’s healing spirit to move and calm and heal and smoothen.

Then I felt him show me a pink heart, swollen with love. And remind me to see myself as he sees me.

We know we’re sinners and undeserving of God’s love... but God loves us. He loves us! When we confess and repent from our sins, he doesn’t see them anymore (Acts 3:19). When we feel weary, he promises to give us rest (Matthew 11:28). When we need refreshing, he promises to fill us up (Psalm 107:9).

God. Almighty. Promises. Us. So. Many. Wonderful. Things.

Let’s not only love him and claim these things (ask!) but wouldn’t it be so awesome to be swollen with love for him each day?

When I woke up this morning, Lord Send Revival by Hillsong Y&F was on my heart:

“I worship Your majesty, I worship Your holy name, Jesus my everything, all that I am is Yours”

Then during my morning quiet time, I switched my phone on airplane mode then 5 secs later No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus by Steffany Gretzinger ‘randomly’ came on:

“If my heart could tell a story, if my life would sing a song, if I have a testimony, if I have anything at all, no one ever cared for me like Jesus. His faithful hand has held me all this way. And when I'm old and grey and all my days are numbered on the earth, let it be known in you alone my joy was found. Let my children tell their children, let this be their memory, that all my treasure was in heaven, and you were everything to me.”

How beautiful. Amen ❤️

Praying for me, and you if you’d like (drop a ❤️ below), that we can live with the peace that surpasses all understanding each day because we are so in LOVE with Jesus. With our Heavenly Father and our Holy Spirit too. Life is not always easy but may we always remember whose we are.

We are God’s beloved children. May we live with hearts that burn and swell for him.


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