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Experiencing God's Healing Through Art with Jasmine Nguyen Gutierrez

Jasmine is an Asian American designer and illustrator based in Central Texas who creates playful art with meaningful stories to develop authentic connections with others. I first came across Jasmine’s art on Instagram, during a time when anti-Asian racism was in the news during COVID — she shared a “Chinatown Confessions” collection on her honest feelings and experiences as an Asian-American navigating stereotypes, microaggressions, and other struggles faced by the Asian American community.

Her art is sweet, gentle and quirky which enables her to spread truthful messages in a gentle yet very meaningful way. As I explored more of her art, I learned that she takes this attitude to touch on various mental health topics as well — sharing truths and lessons learned from her own mental health journey. I’m so excited we have this opportunity to hear from Jasmine, and her testimonies of how God has led her through healing, switching fields, building a family business, and to a place where she loves to trust God outside of her comfort zone because she doesn’t want to miss out on what God is trying to show her. Let’s hear from Jasmine!

Connect with Jasmine on her website and on Instagram @jazgtzdesign.

Listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, and watch on YouTube ❤️


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