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The Power of Commitment to God With Doris Brougham

Doris Brougham

Friends, I am truly honoured to share an interview with Doris Brougham today!

Doris is the founder of Overseas Radio and Television Inc., more commonly referred to as ORTV, which is a pioneer in sharing the gospel via media. Her impact on Taiwanese people in the area of teaching English is unparalleled and she has been honoured by the Taiwanese government in so many ways for her efforts including as the inaugural Outstanding Women Award from Taiwan's National Women's League. But despite her success, her humility, kindness, deep reverence for God, and love for his people remains.

I first 'met' Doris when I sent ORTV a cold email, asking if there were any opportunities to volunteer with ORTV from Hong Kong. To my surprise, Doris herself replied and graciously said perhaps it would be difficult from Hong Kong but put me in touch with friends of hers in Hong Kong who did work in women's ministry. At the end of her email she said,

"In spite of the virus, travel difficulties, etc., God still has a plan and we just try to follow it."

Powerful, simple and so true.

And why did I reach out in the first place?

Doris Brougham Quote

During my childhood, my family travelled back to Taiwan every summer and spent about a month there as the majority of my extended family live in Taipei. I can't read Chinese so was on the hunt for English resources (books, music, etc. — spent a whole summer listening to the same LeeAnn Rimes and Blue albums!) and there were always a stack of Studio Classroom magazines in my grandpa's office, who used them to learn English in his role as a public servant and government minister. As well, my parents used to attend a bible study at ORTV when they were dating and even had a wedding ceremony at ORTV! Her and her team's work has had such an impact on my family so I am very thankful to have the opportunity to ask her lots of questions including:

  • Have you ever been tempted to pursue a more comfortable lifestyle? (2:24)

  • How did ORTV get started? (5:45)

  • You were a pioneer in sharing the gospel via radio and tv... thoughts on sharing via today's social media channels? (8:50)

  • Can you tell us about a time where God stretched you? (11:05)

  • Was "giving up love" an easy decision? (15:00)

  • How do you like to worship and spend time with God? (17:55)

  • Closing prayer from Doris (25:00)

Doris Brougham
Doris is also amazing trumpet player!

I hope you enjoy this episode and it inspires us all to commit to God and walk in faith trusting that he'll help us in whatever he calls us to do — oh how amazing is that God Almighty wants to do things through us! Friends, let us remember his mightiness and total goodness xx

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