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This Is the Season | Why Now Is the Right Time to Pursue Your God-Given Calling

Ever wanted to put off obeying your God-given calling until your circumstances are a little better? Or put off enjoying your God-given design until you’ve made a little bit more progress? A pep talk episode with honest real life examples of how now is the time to obey God. Things will never be perfect and even when they feel close to perfect we always need God. His ways, his designed circumstances, his timing… we can always trust him. If we sense him calling us to act, let’s take his hand and move!

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Ps. If you’re into raw chats, this episode is for you. As I was editing/re-listening, I wondered whether I should re-record this. In the days since, God has helped me process some stuff, so I might ‘sigh’ less if I re-recorded it in some sections lol but perhaps more polish will come in the next episode. This one is an honest look at a Christian woman/founder/creative/leader's 'day-in-the-life' in doing her best to obey God where she is while pushing back against peer pressure, societal standards, etc. and looking to God. And is encouraged that he is teaching her, helping her process new things, and answering prayers daily! Hope you can relate to it and that we keep encouraging each other to pursue the Lord today as we are trusting that that’s all God requires and he’s more than capable of handling the rest. Love you, friends.

Pps. Usually I'll upload the transcript of an episode or my prep notes but went a bit off script in this case. Apologies dear readers... listen to the pod for this one. :)


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