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Staycation review: K11 Artus

Jenni Lien

Chances are you’ve heard of (or at least seen!) K11 Artus. A few months ago, Instagram was buzzing with photos and videos of the space - especially the curved balconies that come with every room. It looked like a gorgeous place but what was it exactly? A hotel? A serviced apartment?

Turns out it’s both.

Some floors are for long-stay residents. Other floors have rooms bookable for nightly stays. The layouts are the same which means hotel guests have the option of booking one, two or three bedroom apartments as well as studios (most like a traditional hotel room).

So why choose K11 Artus over another luxury hotel in Hong Kong?

The Rooms

I think it depends on the experience you’re after. Whenever I go on a staycation in Hong Kong, my MO is to relax. Sleeping, reading, eating, and taking baths is basically all I want to do! Those looking for a similar experience would likely be perfectly happy with a K11 Artus Studio or another luxury hotel room in the city.

K11 Artus shines for those that want more space, activities and people. During my visit, I stayed in a Grand Harbour 1-Bedroom. It was huge! Would be plenty of space for two people, with the living space capable of hosting at least two more people (should restrictions allow). Would be great fun to cook up a meal with friends in the kitchen. I think it could also be a great space for a family with young kids.

Or maybe you’ve been wanting to do a group trip or a family retreat? The two or three bedroom options could be just what you need.

The Vibe

The first time I visited K11 Artus was actually a few weeks before the staycation. I’d gone to eat at The Commune, K11 Artus’s restaurant, to review the new menu (more below). Arriving at 7pm, the hotel / residence had a very dark, mysterious vibe. A bit cheesy, but I left feeling like I’d just been in some superhero’s house haha.

K11 Artus

During the day, the space - designed by Andre Fu who has also worked on other local hotels like the St. Regis, Kerry Hotel, and The Upper House - feels incredibly relaxing. In some ways, there’s a lot going on with little details everywhere you look. But it’s all very inviting with lots of places beckoning guests to slow down, sit still, and take in the view or a good book. If you want to be more active, there are foosball tables and a jumbo chess set, or contact Amici (guest experience team) for a personal art tour.

K11 Artus

The Detox in Luxury and Retox in Bliss Packages

Feel like you’ve been indulging a little too much? The Detox in Luxury package (starts from $4,300 per night) was created for those looking to recharge, reconnect and relax.

The package includes:

  • KLUB 11 Gold Card Membership

  • 1-night stay at K11 ARTUS

  • Breakfast for two persons at The Commune

  • 3-course seasonal healthy set lunch (can be tailored to vegan, vegetarian and keto diet) with detox drink for two persons at The Commune

  • In-room yoga amenities (yoga mat and yoga block) for use during stay

  • Residence art tour and K11 MUSEA tour if desired

  • Welcome gift of HK$200 K11 MUSEA e-Voucher

Or maybe you’re wanting to indulge during your staycation – especially with some cocktails? The Retox in Luxury package includes a private 30-minute cocktail-making lesson led by K11 Artus’s Head Mixologist, the charming and affable Slamat Haryadi (previously of the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong). Get learning or Slamat is happy to work his magic and whip up some cocktails while you relax. My personal pick is The Art-Domus with goji berry vodka, purple yam liquor, almond milk, honey, citrus and egg white.

The package also includes:

  • KLUB 11 Gold Card Membership

  • 1-night stay at K11 ARTUS

  • Breakfast for two persons at The Commune

  • A private 30-minute mixology* session in the residence with Mixologist (Including 1 selected cocktail paired with 2 canapés per guest)

  • Residence art tour and K11 MUSEA tour if desired

  • Welcome gift of HK$200 K11 MUSEA e-Voucher

The Food

The Commune recently announced a new culinary direction of Asian meets Western fare. Executive Chef Julien Casset (previously Chef de Cuisine at The Hong Kong Jockey Club and Bistro by Yannick Alleno in Shanghai) has revamped the menus. There are some lovely breakfast and lunch sets, and many a la carte dishes designed for sharing though you may want to keep whole plates for yourself. Anyone is welcome at The Commune – you don’t need to be a hotel guest or resident.

There are four sets available for breakfast ($200 each): Chinese, Western, Tonic and Speed Boarding (like a fancy continental breakfast). I opted for the Tonic set which came with poached eggs, bagel and cream cheese, avocado slices (or salmon gravlax), tomato salsa, coconut chia pudding, seasonal fruit and choice of tea, coffee or fruit juice. It was quality, wholesome food done well. If you’re looking for a nice quiet spot for a breakfast meeting or date, this would be a great choice.

For lunch, we had the 3-course seasonal healthy set lunch ($330, with the lunch menu changing every month) as part of the Detox in Luxury package. This included the fresh papaya salad roll as an appetizer, gwei lo shrimp wonton as a main (huge!), and fresh fruit salad and coconut sorbet for dessert. This was indeed nice and light though no nutritional information was given. It may be worth asking ahead of time if you have restrictions or preferences.

When I went for dinner, it was with a group so we were able to try a variety of items from the a la carte menu. There’s a good mix of light and indulgent dishes – something for everyone.

Highlights include the following.

The Commune at K11 Artus

Asian Hamachi Ceviche ($188)

The Commune at K11 Artus

Balinese Beef Tartare ($158)

The Commune at K11 Artus

Unagi Teriyaki Slider ($108)

The Commune at K11 Artus

Wagyu Beef “Bo Chai Fan” Style Paella ($398, if you only get one thing get this!)

Whatever time of the day you go, The Commune is an absolutely stunning (and comfortable) spot with floor to ceiling views of the Harbour everywhere you look. Guests that are looking for even more food choices can order from selected K11 Musea restaurants from their in-room TV.


If you’re looking for a unique twist on a luxury staycation, check out K11 Artus. There are great options whether you’re going solo, with your partner, or even with extended family. Not quite ready to splurge on a stay? The Commune is a great spot for a quiet meal or intimate drinks. Check it out… and let me know if you get the same ‘superhero’s house’ vibe that I did!

K11 Artus, 18 Salisbury Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2107 3388


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