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[Closed] Kytaly, Hong Kong

Is the best pizza in the world (literally) now in Central?

The buzz surrounding Kytaly’s opening was pretty intense. Load of articles were going around touting its association with Franco Pepe who makes “the world’s best pizza.” Pepe is man behind Pepe in Grani which held the number one position for Top 50 Best Pizza in Italy in 2018. That sounded promising, but I’m in the minority of people who don’t love pizza. If you’re in shock at this statement, you can join my former boss who was shocked (“...why did I hire you again?” haha) when I told her I didn’t like chocolate or ice cream. I mean, I like plenty of unhealthy things including anything fried but these three things don’t do it for me.

But I’m willing to try anything once and I was game when Kytaly was suggested for a Friday night date night. We went for a later dinner and I walked into the restaurant around 9pm. I hear the interiors are cute and cozy but I didn’t have a chance to check them out. Actually, I think the inside of the restaurant may have been empty because everyone was out on the large terrace.

Kytaly pizza restaurant in Hong Kong

We had a little table with two wicker loveseats by the glass which looked down on Wyndham and up at Tai Kwun. I loved cozying up on one loveseat and enjoying the breeze, smells, and overall vibe while waiting for our food. I loved it even more when I looked above me and noticed we were sitting under a lemon tree. Kytaly is lovely at night; I can only imagine how much more beautiful it is during the day.

Kytaly pizza restaurant in Hong Kong

While the menu isn’t huge, we still wanted some recommendations and the staff were game to explain their favourite dishes to us. This Pizze Fritte Ciro came highly recommended and was definitely one of my favourite dishes of the night. Maybe because it was fried, hah. I found it to be light and airy, yet rich and chewy. The hot gooey aged cheese sauce and nutty pesto combination was salty-sweet and addictive.

Then it was time for our pies. Apparently the dough is made up of 72 percent water which is what gives the dough its unique, airy, you-can-eat-a-whole-pizza-yourself-without-being-bloated texture. And this turned out to be true! I couldn’t believe that my entire meal was so carb-y and yet I left the restaurant feeling satisfied but not stuffed, and was hungry as normal the next morning.

Kytaly pizza restaurant in Hong Kong

Kytaly pizza restaurant in Hong Kong

Both of our pizzas - the Parmigiana ($278) with eggplant and smoked scamorza cheese, and the Riccio Nero ($298) with dried sausage of the Black Casertano pig - were good. The quality of the toppings were of great quality which you should expect given the price of the pizzas. Even with the savoury toppings, you could really taste the flavour of the dough which I found to be very pure; simple and slightly sweet. So the amount of toppings was the right amount given the light dough, but call me North American but I think I’d prefer a heartier pie where the generous toppings are the highlight rather than the dough...

We couldn’t leave without dessert and tried the Tiramisu Classico ($120). I thought it was delicious enough but in a mild way. Those wanting either a more homestyle or upscale tiramisu may be disappointed.

Kytaly pizza restaurant in Hong Kong


If you’re a pizza lover, definitely check out Kytaly if only to be able to say you’ve tried the best of the best. The dough is definitely unique. I wouldn’t say I’m more of a pizza lover after my meal, but I enjoyed my experience overall and think there’s enough to love about Kytaly that I’d happily go back again. Especially if someone else is paying.

5/F, Carfield Commercial Building, 77 Wyndham Street, Central, 2808 1961


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