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Greeting Cards | Wildergeese x The Yay Project

Here’s to remembering that our identity is not in any worldly thing. 🥂

It’s not about being chosen or not chosen by any human, job, thing on this earth. Our identity is from God, and he thinks we’re so wonderful. HE loves us more deeply than we could ever imagine. ✨

Christian greeting cards by Wildergeese and The Yay Project

This was the last download I had from my quiet time this morning, but also a good segue I think to introducing this 1 John Collection. A few months ago, Wildergeese (a Melbourne-based greeting card brand that works with Christian creatives on themed collections) approached me to design their June collection… a dream come true (!), more on this another day. ❤️⁣

As I prayed over it, I felt God give me the theme of ‘the Trinity’ which is a big concept to design! Cass (founder of Wildergeese) and I went back and forth on a few ideas, before settling on descriptions of God’s love in 1 John. She's introduced the collection saying, “Each card is a prayer in pastels and each word in the design springs directly from a passage in 1 John.” Love that, and I hope you do too! 😌⁣

Here are the three cards and the verses that inspired them.

Christian greeting cards by Wildergeese and The Yay Project by Jenni Lien

Christian greeting cards by Wildergeese and The Yay Project by Jenni Lien

I can't wait to hold these cards in my hand (they should be here this week!). Then I want to have a nice prayer / praise session with God. For some reason, it still hasn't really hit me yet that this collection is real. But I am 100% sure that God's grace, kindness and providence is all over this situation. He listens to every single one of our prayers, and knows our every thought and hope. As a child, I loved making greeting cards and offhand thought about working for a greeting card company in my twenties. But I didn't study design, didn't have a portfolio, and pretty much gave up on the idea. Until Cass's email. Again more another day (once I've prayed / processed!) but just wanted to share my happiness and encourage us all to keep praying.

Keep praying and seeking God about your dreams. Let him direct you. And trust that he's got the best things in store for you.

Grab some for yourself or a loved one? Get 15% off during the preorder period (now until 1 June) with the code YAY15. ✨⁣


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