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Hot pot restaurant review: Megan's Kitchen, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

New hotpot tasting menus at this Wan Chai favourite

If you’re a fan of hotpot, chances are you’ve heard of Megan’s Kitchen. This Wan Chai favourite has been recommended by the Michelin guide for 9 years in a row!

Jenni Lien food blogger

Recently we went to check out one of their new hotpot tasting menus ($1,488 for 2-4 pax, $2,888 for 6-8 pax).

New on the menu is a Sichuan-style hot and sour soup base. The soup was tasty and filled with all the standard ingredients - mushrooms, eggs, tofu, tree fungus, bamboo shoots, carrots and pork. But note that they don’t tone it down so choosing this for your soup base means committing to the hot and sour flavour all night.

As for hotpot items, here’s what on the tasting menu.

Food at Megan's Kitchen Restaurant Hong Kong


  • Japan A5 Saga Wagyu Ribeye

  • Kumamoto Japanese Black Pork Collar

  • Free Range Chicken Thigh

Sichuan Mala Skewers

  • Beef

  • Pork Shoulder

  • Chicken

Food at Megan's Kitchen Restaurant Hong Kong


  • Handbeaten Cuttlefish

  • Mala Beef with Dried Gong Choi

  • Sichuan Spicy Pork Balls


  • Pork & Shepherd’s Purse

  • Chicken with Tree Fungus and Bamboo Shoots

Food at Megan's Kitchen Hong Kong


  • Assorted Vegetables

  • Assorted Tofu

  • Japanese Noodles

We enjoyed our meal in one of the cozy booths (with a TV if you like to watch while you eat). The restaurant also has a number of private booths and rooms.

Megan's Kitchen Hong Kong


It’s easy to see why Megan’s Kitchen is a local favourite for hotpot. The food is solid (especially loved the skewers and meatballs) and the service is great. Unless you like everything on the set menu, ordering a la carte may be better value. And note that while the restaurant has English menus, it helps if guests can speak Cantonese.

5/F Lucky Centre, HK Hong Kong Island, 165-171 Wan Chai Rd, Wan Chai, 2866 8305


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