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How to Be Best Friends With Jesus

Jesus is my best friend Christian graphic art by Jenni Lien of The Yay Project

Growing up, I think I tried to fill loneliness in many wrong ways.

I expected people to love me like Jesus and would be so disappointed when I was let down. Not that I was perfect but you know how you can innocently love with your whole heart and then get it trampled on? That deep pain and surprise that you got hurt when you gave your very best? I think maybe this happens to us all at some point whether it’s intentional or unintentional from a family member, friend, significant other, etc. And when it happens, if it happens twice, even continually, we can start to shy away from deep relationships with people, harden our hearts ... because the pain is sharp and the risk is too great. Things like career and other goals are safer investments for our hearts and time. But those things never fulfil that longing we have to be loved and known. I think the only solution is to open up to Jesus and let him heal every single painful memory.

Nowadays I open up to Jesus a lot. But for most of my life, I was afraid to fully feel. There was just so much pain in my heart from serious situations to random one-off slights. Rather than deal with the issues and forgive, I’d just buried them and ignored them until ... well, I think I was pretending a lot. Trying to write out and plan my life in a way that I thought would make me look successful.

It took the most unexpected rejection of my life to ... totally heal me from a long-standing fear of rejection.

That period was so intense that I ran to Jesus 24/7 because I could barely breathe. And in crying out to Jesus so much, I experienced his love so much ... and I am forever changed. Jesus is no longer someone I call my best friend but ignore, avoid, take for granted. He is my Lord and Savior first and foremost but also my bestest friend to whom I can ask anything, share anything, and be my 100% messy self. He gives the best advice and time with him always makes me better. (Though I am still learning to treat him like he deserves!)

When I drew this graphic, some bittersweet memories about childhood friendships and plastic Animaniacs friendship necklaces came up but I didn’t think I’d be reflecting on this so deeply. But now that I have ... I just hope that these words can remind anyone struggling with rejection, shame, fear of being known, that Jesus thinks they are the most wonderfully made person ever. He will never reject them or let them down.

Jesus is our great leader, healer, vindicator, friend and so much more.

Let’s not live life without a true best friendship with Jesus. He wants us ... let’s want him back and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy this precious relationship that he literally died for us to have. ❤️ #theyayproject


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