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How to Find Your Identity in Jesus

One of the things that makes me most upset is when people are rejected for being themselves. As humans we all have flaws, sometimes pretty obvious ones. God loves us in spite of them, despite knowing every awkward action and sin we’ll ever commit ... he loves us fully (Jeremiah 31:3). And he wants us to help one another along, to love other flawed humans become more and more like Christ. But. Emotions. When we’re walking closely with others, when we love others, our emotions can lead us astray.

Our identity in Christ is secure. We are who GOD says we are (Genesis 1:27). But human rejection from our loved ones (or even strangers) can break our hearts anyway. We can believe lies that we have too many issues, are too immature, don’t have the right background, have made too many mistakes to be worthy. Sometimes we can be told this outright. Even from Christians.

If you haven’t experienced this, I pray you don’t have too. If you have, I pray for God to fully heal any wounds and give you a fresh sense and excitement of all he has made you to be. Any negative emotions regarding past rejection ... feel it, let it out (scream, journal, cry ... whatever you want!) ... then forgive and give it to God. Maybe don’t even do it quickly ... be thorough to really feel, let go and forgive all the hurts. You are YOU and that is an absolutely wonderful thing. The God of all creation designed every single aspect of your life and personality, and it either is good or will be used for his good (Jeremiah 29:11).

All of this has been on my heart for awhile but today I was having a doodling session, listening to a random Spotify playlist and “Mistakes” by Influence Music and Melody Noel came on. Everything about this song is so beautiful and as I sang along ... I started to cry. I put down my pen, pulled up the lyrics, started to worship and then sobbed. Here are some of my favourite lines:

  • “In your eyes, I’m everything that I was made to be,”

  • “We couldn't clean it up, we tried our best, the accuser pointed fingers questioning our worthiness” (note: bawled at this, have you ever had your best not be good enough? I’ve totally believed this lie),

  • “But You don't see me different, no I am Your reflection,”

  • “'Cause You don't make mistakes and You didn't start with me, even though I'm far from where I know I'm supposed to be,”

  • “I won’t waste another day believing words You didn’t say,” and

  • “We look to every face to feel approved, we long for validation that already came from, you wrapped yourself in skin to give us proof.”

What healing words, especially for those who have struggled with the things in the lyrics (questioning your worthiness, looking to others for approval).

Christian graphic about spending time with God by Jenni Lien of The Yay Project

I was listening to a Joyce Meyer podcast this week where she said sometimes God allows us to go through tough times to qualify us to help others. It’s not cool or easy to talk about rejection but I’ve experienced it, been healed / being healed from it, and want to encourage anyone else who may be believing any lies to SQUASH them. I think I’ve become super passionate about encouraging others to not let the enemy steal their joy aha. God knows everything and loves you totally. As I was listening and speaking the truth of the lyrics over myself, God suggested I try doing this with someone who has hurt me in mind. That was such a good reminder ... every other human is also God’s creation and he loves them as much as he does us. Let’s help one another look to the right source for our love and validation.

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