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Dim sum brunch review: dragon-i, a bar (and restaurant!) in Central, Hong Kong

Surprisingly affordable AYCE dim sum brunch

If you ask me, weekends are made for long, lazy meals with family and/or friends. There’s nothing better than catching up with loved ones while eating plate after plate of delicious things. This past weekend, I had the chance to check out dragon-i’s all you can eat (AYCE) dim sum brunch and was pleasantly surprised. For a place with such a hard partying reputation, the Chinese food is very solid!

Dim sum at dragon-i hong kong

Guests can choose from a list of 23 different dim sum dishes, including a number that are listed “kick ass...must try.” My favourite dish of the meal was the unfortunately named “Steamed Cheung Feng with Crispy Vegetables.” I say this because I don’t usually go for the vegetable dishes at brunch. For me, it’s a time indulge in richer dishes. But this would have been a mistake because this dish ended up being one of my favourites! It had bamboo and mushrooms (and other things) wrapped in fried dough wrapped in a thin layer of cheung feng, and it was sweet yet salty, soft yet crispy, and overall just a very juicy bite. Definitely try this. Other favourites were the poached pork dumpling in chilli oil, deep fried crab claw with shrimp paste, and the classic siu mai.

Dim sum at dragon-i hong kong

Dim sum at dragon-i hong kong

Dim sum at dragon-i hong kong

Just the dim sum brunch is $258. For extra indulgence, opt for free flow Moet et Chandon Ice Imperial; the brunch plus champagne is $638. Ice Imperial is a slightly sweeter, easily drinkable champagne that goes well with the dense dim sum dishes.

Dim sum at dragon-i hong kong


Overall, I think this brunch is worth checking out as it’s good value. All of the dim sum is at least decent, and a few dishes are very addictive. With brunch in Central, you’re also paying for the atmosphere and dragon-i is a sleek, Asian-inspired spot that will appeal to locals as well as visitors. It's also quite family friendly. Check out the brunch on weekends and public holidays from 12pm to 3:30pm until December.

The Centrium, 60 Wyndham St, Central, 3110 1222

*By invitation


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