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New dishes review: Chaiwala, a modern Indian restaurant, Central, Hong Kong

New dishes at this trendy Indian food favourite in Central

I always love visiting Chaiwala. Think I’ve been a half dozen times since it opened (to the restaurant and sister bar Hugger Mugger who have an excellent Happy Hour). The modern Indian restaurant is so colourful and vibrant. It’s so good for both small and large groups … as long as you like atmospheric places! The lighting is dark (using the official photos since none of mine turned out...need to get a portable light) and it can get a little loud but that just adds to the buzz of the place.

Interiors at Chaiwala Indian restaurant in Hong Kong

Recently I had a chance to revisit and sample some of Chaiwala’s new dishes.

To start, we tried the Paneer Tikka Skewers ($180) and the Masala Beef Balls ($150).

Food at Chaiwala Indian restaurant in Hong Kong

The skewers were firm yet tender and lightly covered in spices and a sweet and sour mango chutney glaze.

Food at Chaiwala Indian restaurant in Hong Kong

The beef balls were sweet and had quite the spicy kick! I particularly liked the soft, tender texture.

Food at Chaiwala Indian restaurant in Hong Kong

For our main, we were served the new Vegan Kofta Curry ($150) with Chote Mote Aloo Anardana ($55), Kashimiri Nuttie Mutter Pulao ($65) and Mint Paratha ($55). Now I think veg and vegan options are really stepping up their game in this city. Normally I’d never go for a veg or vegan option if there’s meat available but this tomato and coconut-based curry was seriously good! It’s a carby meatball though, like a crispy dough ball with kale and a tofu-bread filling, so I think either rice or paratha would do – no need for both.

Food at Chaiwala Indian restaurant in Hong Kong

But definitely get the potatoes (aloo) because they are wonderful; the perfect moist tender texture and with an addictive cumin-accented tomato sauce with pomegranate seeds and hints of lemon.

We ended with Chaiwala’s wobbly cardamom panna cotta ($100). Always a good choice.


Chaiwala continues to serve up delicious treats. Give these new dishes a try on your next visit. Also, we went as a group of two so unfortunately didn’t get to try either of the new rib dishes (Indochina Pork Ribs and Tandoori Beef Ribs). Let us know how they are if you try them!

Basement 43, 55 Wyndham St, Central, 2362 8988


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