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New bar review: Zeng, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

A stylish new resto-lounge shisha bar with a view in the heart of Causeway Bay

When I first moved to Hong Kong, I joked that I was scared of Causeway Bay. Because it’s just so busy! People and shops everywhere. Fast forward four years later, and I’m now in Causeway Bay everyday because I work here. Funny how things turn out. But it truly is a busy yet fun and vibrant part of town, and home to many wonderful restaurants and bars.

One Monday after work, I met up with a friend to check out the newly opened Zeng. Zeng is located in the V Point building on the 30th floor which of course means an amazing view.

It was slightly cloudy on the night we visited but still beautiful.

We’d booked for dinner but soon realized that Zeng is a bit more of a lounge with most of the seats being comfy, slouchy things that are easy to sink into.

That said, we did enjoy a lot of the food. My hands down favourite bites were the Pacific Style Oyster Motoyaki ($108 for two), the Wagyu Tartare ($188) and the Mentaiko Udon Carbonara ($128).

Whatever is in their in-house mayo sauce is super addictive. The oysters were very fresh and creamy.

Loved the texture of this tartare as well as its sauciness. The beef was tasty on its own and then elevated with a truffle paste-infused egg yolk! Impressive how they managed to pull this off.

This udon was super satisfying. Quite flavourful and lightly cheesy and creamy. Not sure if you can tell from the photo but the portion size is quite large (might look like a plate but it’s actually a bowl) making this great value for the price. I’d recommend this over the Rice Noodles with Ribeye and Truffle which unfortunately wasn’t that flavourful, at least on the night we went.

We also tried some cocktails. I opted for the humorously named Mr. Woman ($138, and apparently named after a Chinese story?) which was light and creamy with an egg white foam and rose accents.

Also check out Zeng if you’re interested in shisha. While we didn’t partake the night we went, most guests did!


Great views, chill vibes, and indulgent eats, drinks and shisha. Check it out whether for lunch or for a relaxing evening out … especially the patio for those gorgeous views now that the weather is cooling down.

30/F, V Point, 18 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 23530053

*By invitation


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