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Jasmine Lowery, Christian Blogger and Wedding Planner, in Virginia, USA

If you're looking to make a funny, sassy, sweet new friend, say hello to Jasmine! She's a Christian blogger who's recently launched a monthly IG talk show along with being a mom to three kids, wife, and owner of an event planning business.

Today she shares with us what God has shown her about embracing our God-given design pursuing our God-given calling. The part about believing a lie (could be a well-intentioned statement but one that's not God's truth), having that affect your identity and then healing through Christian counseling resonated with me and maybe it will with you too.

If you'd like to chat further, Jasmine's contact details are at the end and you know how to reach me. :)

Welcome, Jasmine!

Name: Jasmine Lowery

Location: Chesterfield, Virginia

Age: 32

Welcome! Please could you tell us about yourself and @jasmineloweryspeaks?

Hello! My name is Jasmine Lowery. I am a believer, wife (7 ½ years), mother of three children (ages 1, 3 and 6), Owner of Agape Love Events, educator turned homeschooling mama, speaker and minister.

JasmineLowerySpeaks was created as a way for me to encourage and uplift women through my monthly talk show, Bible Study and moments from my everyday life.

Have you ever struggled with identity? How did God lead you to his truth?

Yes, I struggled with identity throughout my 20s and early 30s. I was holding onto a lie that was told to me as a child that I would not be able to use my gifts/talents in a career. I was encouraged to seek out what was “professional” and “stable”. This led me to rely heavily on what others felt was best for me, verses seeking God on what my true identity was. Beginning Christian counseling sessions led me to God’s truth.

What has God shown you about your God-given design through @jasminelowryspeaks?

Through @jasmineloweryspeaks, God has shown me that a HUGE part of my God-given design is being a connector. Whether I am hosting my talk-show, creating a Reel/TikTok, or writing a post my heart is to create a community so people can connect with each other but more importantly to God.

How would you encourage someone who is struggling to embrace their God-given design and live out their God-given calling?

I would first tell them to carve out time to really spend time in GOD’s presence and study GOD’s character. I would then encourage them to begin exploring what their God-given passions and gifts are. What would they do if money was not a factor? I’d then let them know it is okay to seek out guidance if they need support with weeding through their thoughts and emotions. That guidance could come from a Christian therapist, life coach, business coach, close friend or even elder from your church.

Thank you for sharing! Are you open to receiving any follow-up questions? How can we contact you?

Yes, I do not mind receiving follow-up questions. You can contact me via email or phone 757-334-3238.

Connect with Jazz on her social channels

Thanks for sharing, Jazz!


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