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[Closed] Tycoon Tann, Hong Kong

Home to an awesome egg white, crab and black truffle dish

On Wellington Street, there is a chic little Chinese restaurant called Tycoon Tann. While it’s not named after a specific person, it does come across as a place a tycoon might like with its luxe yet understated Chinoiserie-inspired design. The ground floor is home to Mod Bar, and the two upper levels are dedicated to luxe-yet-understated Chinese cooking.

We recently visited to try some of their new seasonal dishes. All will be available until Chinese New Year.

Our meal started off strong with the Fried Egg White with Fresh Crab Meat and Black Truffle ($328). While this dish might not look like much, it was absolutely delicious. It was rich without being oily, and almost sticky in texture given the generous amount of crab meat.

The Deep-fried Crab with Dried Chili, Garlic, and Rice Flour Rolls ($698) was spicy! The rice flour rolls were a nice touch as it soaked up the flavours and crisped up nicely. However, we would have preferred it if soft-shell crab had been used instead, for ease of eating and so we could eat more of the seasoning.

Having Pigeon is always a treat and this one comes smoked with 30-year-old Puer Tea ($328). This didn’t last long at our table. The meat was very tender and had a slightly sweet, floral flavour from the tea.

On a chilly winter night, claypot dishes hit the spot. We enjoyed the Braised Lamb Brisket with Bean Curd Sheets in Clay Pot ($888). The ingredients were fresh and the sauce was so comforting, savoury without being too strong. Price-wise, the dish is on the high side but the portion could feel 3 or 4 people.

Lastly, we ended our meal with Steamed Rice in Casserole with Preserved Meat and Chinese Sausage ($328). Which the price was fair given it’s expected to feed 3 or 4 people, it wasn’t as flavourful or luxe as I would have expected from a restaurant like Tycoon Tann. A neighbourhood bozaifan place would have tasted just as good.


Tycoon Tann is a solid option for all occasions though it is more sleek than romantic. The decor, food quality, and service make it suitable for business dinners, and the new winter dishes are decent. Note that the restaurant also has a private room with a round table that fits around 15 guests.

This photo is from the restaurant's PR company.

74 Wellington St, Central, 3125 3228

*By invitation for Foodie


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