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Review: Sake and Sakura brunch at aqua

Since we can’t get to Japan for Sakura season, a number of restaurants in town have found creative ways to bring Sakura season to us! Recently, we had the chance to visit aqua and try their new Sake & Sakura brunch ($688 per person).

brunch at aqua restaurant in Hong Kong

I’ve always loved aqua’s vibe. The view and setting never date, in my opinion. Even better? The food. This is perhaps my sixth visit to aqua and I think this was the best meal yet.

So what can guests expect? Comfort food with a luxe twist!

brunch at aqua restaurant in Hong Kong

Brunch starts with a gorgeous sushi and sashimi platter. We can be spoiled by the number of high quality Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong (though aqua is of course more fusion) and I feel aqua has really stepped up its game. These are fairly classic rolls but with interesting twists that just tasted great. Special shout out to the fried sakura with minced fatty tuna oshi roll. We also added on some Mediterranean oysters (+$28 per piece) which were very fresh, fat and creamy.

brunch at aqua restaurant in Hong Kong

A good indugent brunch involves some fried dishes and we enjoyed the sakura prawn kakiage and the unique zuwai crab leg tempura.

brunch at aqua restaurant in Hong Kong

We loved how plump the pork gyoza were and well as the sansho pepper and ponzu sauce that came on the side. These were eaten up quickly!

One slight miss for me was the risotto parmesan with amarena cherries. It was nice but seemed a bit out of place with the rest of the Japanese-focused savouries. It might have worked better as a rice pudding as part of the varied dessert platter.

When the Sakura Platter came out, we were quite amazed at the size. The restaurant certainly didn’t skimp on quality! The Hokkaido scallops were huge and very fresh, covered in a tasty mentaiko sauce and salmon roe. The beef tonkatsu was extremely tender and flavourful. And the chicken wings were simple but done right. We also couldn’t resist adding the charcoal grilled black cod with a Saikyo miso glaze (+$128). Always a classic and done well at aqua.

brunch at aqua restaurant in Hong Kong

To end the meal, our dessert platter served up both refreshing and indulgent bites. The cherry blossom cake and ice cream added festive flavour. And while I’m not usually a chocolate fan, I ate up the tiramisu chocolate shell and crumbly chocolate mango cream fruit tart. Delicious.

The cost for brunch is $688 per adult and $298 for children 5 to 12, for brunch and soft beverages. For the atmosphere, service and quality of food, it’s a great deal (as soon as I left, I wanted to book in again!). Guests can also enjoy 2 hours of free-flow champagne and cocktails from $788.

One Peking, 29+30F, Peking Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, 3427 2288


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