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Review: Botanical afternoon tea (with champagne!) at Statement

I don't think I've ever met an afternoon tea I don't like. The fancy hotel experiences are great. So are the buffet meal-style ones popular in places like Taiwan. Even casual cafe experiences are lovely. Who doesn't enjoy a relaxed few hours chatting over tea, sweets and bite-sized sandwiches?

Afternoon tea at Statement in Hong Kong

One Sunday afternoon, a friend and I visited Statement in Tai Kwun to check out their new Botanical Afternoon Tea in partnership with Ruinart ($388 per person, minimum of two people required). Statement's tea falls somewhere in between the aforementioned options. It's fancy (includes champagne!) but has a nice casual-chic vibe especially if you have it on the gorgeous terrace that overlooks the Tai Kwun courtyard.

Statement has had an afternoon tea seat with Ruinart for some time but it's had a fresh makeover for spring. What's on the menu?

Sandwiches (unlimited)

Roast turkey, pomegranate & pistachio sandwich

Short ribs pâté, cream cheese, pickles & walnuts sandwich

Cucumber, celery & dill sandwich

Rainbow sandwich with beetroot, carrot & pesto

Smoked salmon & toasted pistachio sandwich

Afternoon tea at Statement in Hong Kong


Bittersweet chocolate cake, salted caramel with rose macaron

Cinnamon & carrot shortbread cake

Blueberry, lemon & lavender cupcake

Passion fruit mousse & biscuit crumble

Afternoon tea at Statement in Hong Kong

Afternoon tea at Statement in Hong Kong


Raisin scone

Rose perfume scone

Cornish clotted cream

Homemade rose & peach jam and raspberry jam

Afternoon tea at Statement in Hong Kong


A selection of fine British teas

A glass of Ruinart Blanc de Blancs champagne

Afternoon tea at Statement in Hong Kong

I really enjoyed how light and fresh this set was. The quality was great overall and wonderful that the sandwiches are unlimited - don't think I've seen this before in Hong Kong! I had more than a couple of the roast turkey ones. If you're looking for a fresh, chic take on afternoon tea, give Statement a try. Grab a loved one for a catch-up and enjoy an afternoon of relaxation.

Police Headquarters Block 01, Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Rd, 2848 3000


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