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Restaurant review: Alvy's, a pizza parlour, in Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

A new New York-style pizzeria in Kennedy Town

I live in Kennedy Town, and love my neighbourhood. It’s close to Central, near the waterfront, and has a relaxed charm. Since the MTR opened in 2015, the neighbourhood has definitely been gentrifying with loads of new restaurants trying their luck. While I have a few favourites (Catch, Bistro Du Vin, Missy Ho’s), they feel a bit date-y for a casual meal out and too expensive for a take-out meal home. As of two weeks ago, Alvy’s has moved in and I think it might satisfy my desire for a good, casual neighbourhood spot.

Alvy's restaurant in Kennedy Town Hong Kong

How to get there

Walk a few minutes from Kennedy Town MTR (turn right once you get out of exit A) to Holland Street, and you’ll see a charming red facade unlike anything else on that street. It’s started by the people behind Young Master Brewery and Patrick Gatherer (previously at The Globe), who wanted to create something similar to a NYC neighbourhood bar but with a Hong Kong twist.

We arrived at 6:30 pm, and snagged seats facing the street. The staff were incredibly friendly and knowledgeable; though our server had only been there for four days, she helped us navigate the menu and was happy to suggest dishes. I also asked my Foodie editor, Stephanie, who’d been for a tasting a few nights before.

The food

We opted for a mix of things: the latkes and chicken wings to start, and Fort Greene pizza to share.

Food at Alvy's restaurant in Kennedy Town Hong Kong

Latkes ($78)

The latkes were not bad. The combination of fried potato, sour cream, ginger scallion sauce and char siu was undeniably tasty; a fusion dish that really works. That said, I would have preferred them if the the texture of the patties was less dense, and the char siu more fatty.

Food at Alvy's restaurant in Kennedy Town Hong Kong

Yu Kwen Yick Fried Chicken ($88)

I’m always on the hunt for good chicken wings in Hong Kong, and these ones are great! They’re tangy like buffalo wings but have the unmistakable spice mixture from one of Hong Kong’s legendary hot sauces. A real winner, and decent value with six wings per serving. The blue cheese sauce served along side the wings is also delicious.

Food at Alvy's restaurant in Kennedy Town Hong Kong

Fort Greene Pizza ($158)

As lovers of pesto, we opted for the Fort Greene pizza which had a basil pesto base (so fresh), sauteed mushrooms, creamy bocconcini, and was topped with a big pile of shaved asparagus. I haven’t had pizza dough quite like this before - it’s thin but chewy, slightly sour (on purpose, they use a unique sourdough crust), and held onto the toppings well. There were so many toppings, and yet not a single soggy slice.

Food at Alvy's restaurant in Kennedy Town Hong Kong


I’ll definitely be back. I already have my eye on the Bak Gwei (gruyere bechamel, char siu, green scallion sauce, mozzarella) and Ma-La-Di-Da (with a ma la tomato sauce and topped with the red chilis) pizzas. It’s not a massive space, but it’s big enough for groups and they take reservations.

8 Holland St, Sai Wan, 2312 2996


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