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Restaurant review: A pizza-making party at Motorino in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

This past Saturday, Italian-American eatery Motorino hosted their first public pizza making party at their Wan Chai location. Previously, guests could book out the restaurant for private or kids parties but this is the first time the event has been open to the public. At each party, up to 30 people can sign up to eat their heart out in antipasti; enjoy two glasses of wine or beer; learn from Motorino staff and chefs about the history of, and how to make, a Neapolitan pizza; and don a Motorino apron before getting into the kitchen and making the pizza. All this for the very reasonable price of $248.

Motorino pizza restaurant in Wan Chai, Hong Kong


When guests arrive, they are seated at a regular restaurant table and served drinks and a selection of antipasti. We enjoyed some of Motorino’s best sellers including:

  • Roasted sweet corn with parmesan, lemon butter, calabrian chili, and oregano

  • Meatballs in tomato sauce

  • Prosciutto, mortadella and salami

Motorino pizza restaurant in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Motorino pizza restaurant in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Motorino pizza restaurant in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

There was quite a generous amount of antipasti to go around. Groups of six or so went into the kitchen at a time, giving those waiting time to hangout and enjoy more antipasti. Most guests eventually turned down additional helpings to save room for the main event: the pizza. A whole pizza each.


Motorino’s pizza masters taught us how to knead the dough, get out air bubbles, toss the dough in the air etc. It’s hard work…we almost dropped our dough. Thankfully, we didn’t actually eat our mangled dough. The friendly staff gave us an expertly prepared base which we then garnished to our liking. Kamal from Motorino cooked our pies for just two minutes at 400+ degrees giving them a slightly charred crust and a soft centre: exactly how a Neapolitan pizza should be.


Motorino’s pizza party was very well organized and great fun. It’s not often we get to make pizza and then cook it in a 400 degree Stefano Ferrara oven. For the price of $248, you get a lot of food. This would be just as fun for a date, day out with the family, or group hangout. Keep an eye out for their next public pizza party. Given the interest in and success of this first party, they may be running them once a month.

15 Ship St, Wan Chai, 2520 0690

Thanks to Foodie for inviting me to attend.


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