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Restaurant review: Meat Smith, an Indian-inspired BBQ spot in Little India, Singapore

Finding Indian-inspired American BBQ

An American barbeque joint with an Indian twist? Now that’s a concept I can get behind. In the heart of Singapore’s Little India is such a restaurant called Meat Smith. (They also have another location in Telok Ayer but that one doesn’t have the Indian twist.) The night before, I was having dinner at Burnt Ends when the Chef told us that he’d and his friends had recently opened this new barbecue spot. Since we hadn’t chosen a spot for our final meal in the city, we rallied the rest of our friends and headed out there the next day.

Meat Smith restaurant in Little India Singapore

It’s a cute open air space but a bit hot especially during Singapore’s summer months, so we ate at Rogue Trader, its saloon-y looking sister bar upstairs. Surprisingly, we were one of the only tables during brunch which I think is because Meat Smith Little India doesn’t have a specific brunch menu. The menu is also on the heavier side, and not everyone wants to eat fatty, grilled meat first thing in the morning. But we did.


Meat Smith BBQ restaurant in Little India Singapore

From the snack menu, we ordered a variety of dishes for our group of five. The Lamb Meatballs (S$8 or roughly $45) and Butter Chicken Hot Pockets (stuffed wings, S$10 or roughly $60) were ok, but the Madras Pork Cheeks (S$8 or roughly $45) were fantastic! Crispy with a spiced crust and a melt-in-the-mouth texture. And quite a bit of quality meat for the price. I’m still dreaming of these pork cheeks weeks later.


The New Delhi Hot Chicken Wrap (S$14 or roughly $80) came highly recommended by our waiter and it did not disappoint. Anyone who loves spicy fried chicken sandwiches will love this. No surprises, just a well executed wrap where the chicken manages to stay crispy inside the wrap and with a hit of Indian spice.


Meat Smith BBQ restaurant in Little India Singapore

Even though I’d had delicious bone marrow the night before, I couldn’t resist trying this curry version (S$16 or roughly $90). It was good, but I felt it needed more than just to be a main on its own. A butter curry sauce was poured over the bone, and we were given a spoon to eat the saucy marrow. Good and intense but not that filling.

Meat Smith BBQ restaurant in Little India Singapore

I was too full to try the Lamb chops and Chimichutney (S$32 or $185), but here’s what the dish looked like for those that are curious.

Meat Smith BBQ restaurant in Little India Singapore

One of the specials on the day we went was the Pork Tomahawk (S$90 or roughly $520). Ok this was quite pricey but it was awesome. A fatty yet firm flesh with a crispy outer layer and a raisin (?) based curry sauce on the side. Really unique.


Overall the vibe and style of food make it great for a night out or casual bite with friends. If I lived in Singapore, I could see myself going back for the Madras Pork Cheeks (perfect bar snack!), Hot Chicken Wrap, and Pork Tomahawk. While we didn’t love all the dishes we tried, the concept itself is great and I’d love to go back in the future and see what other American-Indian dishes the talented chefs have come up with.

21 Campbell Lane, Singapore 209894, +65 9625 9056


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