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Trying Impossible Beef, Alpha Food Chick'n and Green Common OmniPork

2021 Review of Alpha Food's Chick'n Nuggets and Green Common's OmniPork in Hong Kong

Jenni Lien food blogger at Morty's restaurant in Hong Kong

I've since tried Impossible meat at Morty's for International Burger Day 2020 (a media tasting) as well as Alpha Food's Chik'n Nuggets and OmniPork from Green Common (paid, not sponsored). While I thought the Impossible meat as tasty enough, it didn't really resemble beef nor did it leave me wanting to eat it often. However, I genuinely loved the food I got from Green Common. Excuse the basic photos (2021 covid takeout times) but hopefully you can see that it's very decent looking food... that tastes great too! (Again, not sponsored, just excited.)

I was a bit hesitant to try OmniPork because I'd heard some not-so-good reviews, specifically that it wasn't nearly as good as luncheon meat. Now I don't eat luncheon meat very often and neither am I a vegetarian... so why did I order this in the first place? Because in January I was doing a reset and didn't eat meat for a few weeks. Needing a quick lunch one day, I typed 'vegetarian' into my Food Panda app, noticed Green Common was doing a 30% off $120 order, and decided to try a few things: Alpha Chik'n nuggets (original price $34 for 5 pieces), an OmniPork 'Charger' salad (original price $85) and an OmniPork rice bowl with Just Egg (original price $79).

Alpha Foods Chik'n Nuggets from Green Common Hong Kong

Honestly I might never go back to McNuggets. While these are a little pricier, the egg-free, dairy-free, non-GMO soy "chick'n" tasted just as good if not better (especially with the honey mustard dipping sauce, which reminded me of Big Mac sauce) than McNuggets and didn't leave me with that "I feel sick... McNuggets you taste so good but leave me feeling so bad" experience.

OmniPork from Green Common Hong Kong

The Charger salad came in two separate boxes and was incredibly filling. I ate the nuggets and the salad box with OmniPork and warm tofu for lunch and was so full. It was fresh, tasty and satisfying. The OmniPork had smokiness like bacon and a soft texture like meatloaf. Tasty enough, a healthier source of protein... I'd definitely get this again.

Green Common Hong Kong

I ate the other half of the salad, with a peanut satay dressing, for dinner as I was working late in the office. Great quality ingredients!

OmniPork from Green Common Hong Kong

And the next day, I fried up the rice bowl with a little oil and had it for lunch. The packaging looks a bit like airplane food (aka not that appealing) but again the ingredients are great and the JustEgg tastes like a seasoned fluffy omelette.

At the end of last year, I'd realized I was overdoing it with the Covid takeout habit. Comfort food feels good for the soul during tumultuous times but it was affecting my energy and health, and I needed to make a change. Really glad to have discovered these alternatives and looking forward to making more healthy changes when it comes to my eating habits. Let met know if you have any great recipes for using OmniPork or JustEgg (or other options) at home!

There are 15 Green Commons locations across Hong Kong.

March 2020 Review of Impossible Dishes at Agave Hong Kong

I’d been curious about Impossible meat for a long time but had never gotten around to trying it. In Hong Kong, it’s not cheap and seemed like a big commitment to order a whole Impossible burger (e.g. at Beef and Liberty) or something. What if I really didn’t like it … $150 down the drain!

But Impossible meat in Mexican food sounded interesting. I’d been Agave, a cheap and cheerful Mexican spot on Hollywood Road (also in Wan Chai), a few times and liked their food. Even if I didn’t turn out to like Impossible, I figured the other flavours might balance it out. So, in March 2020, I recruited my favourite Costa Rican buddy to join (she knows her Latin food!) and off we went to try Agave’s Impossible chili, quesadillas, and nachos gringos.

Agave Hong Kong

Impossible Meat Chili ($148)

Agave’s chili is intense and flavourful, using six Mexican spices: ancho, colorado, chipotle, anaheim, cayenne and guajillo. There’s also a nice salty-sweetness from the stewed tomatoes. On the side, guests can choose between flour tortillas or cilantro rice. I’d go with the latter which is wonderfully moist with good chew. This was my favourite of the night.

Agave Hong Kong

Impossible Meat Quesadilla ($148)

This tasted like a standard quesadilla. Impossible meat and cheese sandwiched between homemade flour tortillas and served with sour cream, guac and salsa. This was my friend’s favourite of the night.

Agave Restaurant Hong Kong

Nachos at Agave Hong Kong

Impossible Nachos Gringos ($266)

While this plate of nachos is pricey, it is absolutely massive and could easily feed four. In addition to Impossible meat, it’s topped with jalapenos, fresh Serrano peppers, beens, cheddar and Oaxaca cheese, and guac. Eat this one while it’s hot, before the chips become impossible to break apart…


Personally, I didn’t think Impossible meat tasted very beef-y. But I did like the texture and considering environmental reasons (they say it uses 95% less land, 74% less water, and creates 87% less greenhouse gas emissions than beef) would order it again especially in the chili and quesadilla. Impossible or not, Agave’s a solid spot for some Mexican comfort food.

Central: F, G, 26 Hollywood Rd, Central, 2523 1988

Wan Chai: 93 Lockhart Rd, Wan Chai, 2866 3228


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