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Staycation review: Hyatt Centric Victoria Harbour Hotel, Hong Kong

The latest stop in the ‘Tour the World in Hong Kong’ series? Korea!

Have you checked out Hyatt Centric Victoria Harbour yet? When I settled into my room, I was surprised that it hadn’t been on my radar. Because it was really… nice!

Hyatt Centric Victorial Harbour Hotel in Hong Kong

Look at this incredible room. Harbour views, modern design, and a marble bathroom (also with a view) for under $1,500? That’s quite a steal. The vibe and the view reminded me of a staycation I did at Kerry Hotel last year which is almost directly across the Harbour from Hyatt Centric. Kerry does have a few more luxurious touches and five star service but is also significantly pricier. For an alternative, this is a great spot.

The reason for this visit was to check out the latest stop on Hyatt Centric’s new ‘Tour the World in Hong Kong’ staycation series: Korea. It’s done in partnership with the Korea Tourism Organization, The History of Whoo (luxury skincare brand) and Ottogi (manufacturer of Korean snacks).

This staycation will likely appeal to various groups including:

  • Couples, friends, families wanting to do a Hanbok photoshoot

  • Stressed out urbanites wanting some R&R courtesy of a The History of Whoo gift bag

  • Anyone interested in Korean food and snacks

And the best part is you don’t even have to choose an option as the staycation package comes with access to all of this.

Hanbok Photoshoot Session

The first stop was a Hanbok photoshoot session (30 mins). Upon arriving at the photoshoot room, one of the Hyatt Centric’s lovely staff was on-hand to help lace up the Hanbok, suggest accessories, and advise on the best spots for photos. Sometimes these hotel photoshoot rooms are self-service so it’s a great perk to have staff helping out.

Hyatt Centric Victorial Harbour Hotel in Hong Kong

While the adult hanboks are free size, various sizes are available for children.

Hyatt Centric Victorial Harbour Hotel in Hong Kong

After enjoying your photoshoot session, take a break and have some tea and snacks.

VR ‘Travel’ Session

If you’re interested in VR, there’s a set-up in the lobby that allows guests to ‘visit’ eight provinces in Korea. The videos are well-done and just a few minutes each so easy to squeeze this in before lunch.

Hyatt Centric Victorial Harbour Hotel in Hong Kong

Lunch at The Farmhouse

Having worked up an appetite, the next stop was lunch at The Farmhouse. As part of this promotion, a variety of popular Korean foods are part of the regular buffet. If you’re a fan of Korean food, definitely check this out whether you do it as part of the staycation package or alone. There’s all you can eat Korean fried chicken, KBBQ, pork belly bao, seafood pancakes, japchae, tteokbokki, banchan and more alongside standard buffet favourites like Hong Kong roast meats, roast beef, sushi, and made-to-order noodles.

The Room

Which of the aforementioned groups did I belong to? A bit of all but mostly the stressed out urbanite category wanting some R&R as part of a The History of Whoo gift bag. So I was really excited to pamper myself while relaxing in the King-sized bed (very comfortable) and tub (with a view, fits one).

Hyatt Centric Victorial Harbour Hotel in Hong Kong

But I also needed to do some work and at first was worried the desk was more pretty than functional. Surprisingly the desk and chair were really comfortable - perhaps the most comfortable set I’ve found in Hong Kong. It was great for doing emails and having late night calls.

Hyatt Centric Victorial Harbour Hotel in Hong Kong

Before my late night call, I ordered some room service - steak frites ($260, very tender) and a green juice ($65, bottled).

Hyatt Centric Victorial Harbour Hotel in Hong Kong

As for the room features, everything is modern and sleek; no surprise as the hotel is just a few years old. There’s a Nespresso machine as well as some lovely Hong Kong-themed mugs. The one downside (but acceptable for the price point) is that there are no luxury toiletries.

Hyatt Centric Victorial Harbour Hotel in Hong Kong

The best part though was falling asleep to the Harbour view and waking up to the sunrise over the city.

Breakfast at The Farmhouse

This package comes with breakfast at The Farmhouse. While the breakfast buffet is not as extensive as the lunch buffet, all the standard stations are there. The omelette of the day (pesto mushroom) was nice and fluffy as were the breakfast pastries.


There’s a lot to love about the Hyatt Centric Victoria Harbour. It’s one of the best deals in town for a modern hotel with a Harbour view (and conveniently located, across the road from North Point MTR). The new Korea-themed staycation package is also a great deal given the amount of entertainment and goody bags included. And the quality of the lunch buffet (dinner even more so, I imagine!) was great. Grab this deal while you can, the offer is available until 15 April 2021.

More details of the package

  • One night’s accommodation in a King/Twin room

  • Breakfast buffet for two at The Farmhouse

  • Korean-themed lunch or dinner buffet for two at The Farmhouse

  • Hanbok trial and Korean tea house experience

  • Korean VR activity zone

  • Gourmet snack pack from Ottogi

  • Skincare sets from The History of Whoo (valued at over $1k)

  • Borrow traditional Korean games (gonggi, ttagji & Yut Nori) from the concierge

  • Rates range from $1,180 to $1,830 depending on weekday or weekend stay and whether or not you opt for the lunch or dinner buffet

1 North Point Estate Ln, North Point, 3762 1234


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