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Are You Thankful for God’s Direction and Redirection?

Christian graphic on prayer by Jenni Lien of The Yay Project

As I was praying this morning, I saw an image of Jesus at the edge of a pier. I could get there:

  1. After getting on God’s speedboat

  2. After I needed to be rescued

  3. After I tried to swim there independently

Which is my preference? The first, clearly!

And I felt God remind me,

“The way I would receive you is the same, with love.”

“I love when you accomplish what I’ve set out for you to do. But always remember you’re not worthy because of what you have done. I died for your sins, because works would never be enough. What I want is your heart.

Fall in love with me, child, each and every day. Then it will be so much easier to obey. Know I am coming back. Be on the alert. Listen for my voice. Call out to me. Don’t miss what I’ve given. I know you know, but I have so much more to teach you. Fill up with my love, child. Let me overflow your cup.”

Endlessly thankful for God’s direction and redirection. His endless mercy and patience. Of being able to have a real, unfiltered relationship with him, because Jesus made a way. Praying this season is so full for us, that we notice God’s movements like never before. Open our eyes, Lord. Help us understand more of your truths. Equip us to share your Good News. Use our imperfect stories to shine your light. May you be what others see.

Praying for a greater gift of evangelism today. Drop a ❤️ if you’re praying for this too! Sending love x


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