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New restaurant review: Cabana Breeze

My itch to travel has been replaced with an itch to discover more of Hong Kong. Recently I saw photos of Cabana Breeze, a new restaurant and bar with an Island vibe, and immediately wanted to check it out. Look at the space, doesn’t it remind you of your favourite restaurant in [insert favourite island locale here]? So making the trek from the Island to Tung Chung didn’t seem so far.

Photo from Cabana Breeze

I haven’t explored Tung Chung much but there’s a lot of development happening in the area. Cabana Breeze is in the retail shop area beside the Sheraton Tung Chung. There are about half a dozen restaurants already open (including known faves like 3 Italiani) as well as half a dozen or so in progress. After construction is completed, the restaurants will have a view of the water and be surrounded by bike paths too. Watch that space.

Photo from Cabana Breeze

So what’s Cabana Breeze like?

We visited on a Sunday afternoon and the outdoor area was packed. Lots of people were out with their children and dogs enjoying the sunshine. For a second, we thought about sitting indoors and enjoying the gorgeous interiors but opted for this super cute cabana instead.

Cabana Breeze restaurant in Tung Chung

First out was this cute gin cart ($85-$150 depending on the gin base chosen). We hear there may also be a rum cart out soon too.

Raw Bar

We started with the Hamachi Ceviche ($138) and the Hawaiian Tuna Poke ($148).

Cabana Breeze restaurant in Tung Chung

The Hamachi was really unique. Often ceviches are quite tangy but this one was savoury-sweet with an addictive black garlic sauce and crispy fried onions. Give this a try, and maybe ask for a squeeze of lime if you’re missing a dash of tang. The Tuna poke was more of a standard take but nice and fresh.


Cabana Breeze serves up Neopolitan-style pizzas and the dough is delicious. We tried the Piccanti ($155) with salami. Not too spicy. Perhaps it would have been nice to have a bit more salami.

Cabana Breeze restaurant in Tung Chung

Main Course

But we were glad we saved room for the Baby Back Ribs ($188 for half, $288 for full) because this plate was our favourite part of the meal. The meat was really tender and the sauce was both, well, saucy and baked on to form almost a crust in some areas. As for the fries, sometimes this kind can come out a bit dry but there was no such issue here. Delicious all around.

Cabana Breeze restaurant in Tung Chung


We ended our meal with this Pineapple and Rum Cake with coconut ice cream ($88). A bit pricey perhaps but a nice one to share.

Cabana Breeze restaurant in Tung Chung


Cabana Breeze is a very pleasant and relaxing space. They’re serving up some lovely food and drinks (and the menu is huge - we tried maybe 5% of the menu!) and the team are very friendly. We predict it’ll get busier as the weather gets warmer so book in advance, especially if you want to enjoy one of the cabanas.

Shop G12-15, T Bay, 9 Yi Tung Road Tung Chung, Lantau Island, 2777 8980


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