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Tasting menu review: aqua, TST, Hong Kong

A review of the new ‘Golden Ticket’ six course tasting menu

Since Chinese New Year, I’ve been working from home and mostly staying indoors whether at my own place or with friends. With things improving, I’m going out more and recently visited Aqua to try their new six course ‘Golden Ticket’ dinner ($688, on until the end of June). Just being in the restaurant, enjoying the view made me so happy. How blessed we are to live in such a beautiful, vibrant city.

Aqua Restaurant Hong Kong

And the food?

While the whole ‘Golden Ticket’ theme might make you think of Charlie and Chocolate Factory, nothing about the food really resembles this. The only chocolate items were a chocolate lava cake and tiramisu-filled chocolate shell in the dessert platter. It wasn’t really a big deal to me though because the food was good. Sometimes it can feel a bit gimmicky but this time it was luxe comfort food all the way.

Aqua Restaurant Hong Kong

Sushi and sashimi (Chef’s selection)

Aqua Restaurant Hong Kong

Mediterranean oysters (+28 per piece)

Aqua Restaurant Hong Kong

Antipasto platter (+ Aristocrat caviar and Pata Negra Jamon for $158 per person)

Aqua Restaurant Hong Kong

Chicken namban skewers, pork gyoza, tofu cake with shishito pepper

Aqua Restaurant Hong Kong

Gnocci, pesto, cherry tomatoes and “Vongole”

Aqua Restaurant Hong Kong

Homemade tagliolini with Osetra caviar ($108)

Jenni Lien food blogger at Aqua Restaurant Hong Kong

Aqua Restaurant Hong Kong

Stone-grilled Wagyu beef

Aqua Restaurant Hong Kong

Signature dessert platter

We spent nearly four hours enjoying this meal and the view. When it comes to restaurants with a view, Aqua might be my absolute favourite spot in Hong Kong. It’s been around for decades but still feels fresh and inventive - the perfect spot for guests, date night or just a celebrating life sort of dinner. And I like that this menu offered tried and true favourites. While it’s nice to try new flavours, sometimes it’s equally as nice just to eat what you like. Special shout out to the gnocci and tagliolini which were both excellent.


Spaces are limited so make sure you book a table in advance. Definitely request a spot by the window. And if you’re feeling extra celebratory, add on one of their free flow champagne packages (between $100 to $500 per person).

One Peking, 29+30F, Peking Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, 3427 2288

*By invitation for Foodie

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