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Review: Bedu, modern Middle Eastern restaurant in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Fresh new Middle Eastern dishes at this Sheung Wan, Hong Kong favourite

In this city, there’s always a new restaurant to try. A favourite you go back to time and again is a rare find but they do exist. That’s how I feel about Middle Eastern restaurant Bedu. Whenever I go, I always leave feeling like the food is inventive, the vibe is buzzy, and that I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Jenni Lien at Bedu in Hong Kong

Recently, we visited to try some of Chef Cory Riches and team’s new autumn specials.

Cocktails at Bedu Hong Kong

We started with some gin-based Tikitini’s with pineapple juice and blackberry syrup ($95 each). Light, fresh, perfect for a balmy evening.

Burrata at Bedu Hong Kong

Then came this gorgeous Burrata with grapefruit, pistachio and salmon roe ($130, nightly special). Such a creative mix of flavours.

Salmon at Bedu Hong Kong

The Marinated Salmon ($145) was beautiful and the herby oil had a refreshing tang.

Beef tataki at Bedu Hong Kong

I love shawarma and I love beef tataki but I’d never considered combining the two… genius! The new Shawarma Beef ‘Tataki Style’ ($160) is served with a creamy harissa sauce and pistachio dukkah. A sophisticated comfort food kind of dish.

Celeriac at Bedu Hong Kong

Of all the new dishes we tried, the Salt Baked Celeriac ($115) was hands-down my favourite. It was spicy, creamy, cheesy (Shanklish) and buttery all at the same time. If you love rich flavours, definitely give this one a try.

Outdoor space at Bedu Hong Kong

Surprise half birthday drink!


Bedu is a great restaurant in many respects including that it has great lunch deals and is perfect for parties of two. Or if you prefer open air dining, ask them to set you up on the steps outside the restaurant. Grab these dishes while they’re available and don’t forget about their best sellers (hummus, charred broccoli, garlic shrimp - I’m looking at you!).

40 Gough Street Central, 2320 4450


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