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The Case for Day Dates With God

Christian blog graphic for You Are You podcast Episode 3 "The Case for Day Dates With God" by The Yay Project Jenni Lien

Hey friends! This week I’m so excited to be sharing about day dates with God.

It’s something I started doing about a year ago, mostly out of need - like I was just so desperate for God in that season. But it’s continued because the more time I spend with God, the more I’ve realized how mind-blowingly amazing he is, and the more I want to be desperate for him as much as possible.

For many of us, maybe we’ve had hot and cold seasons in our walk with God. Hot when we need him. And then colder when we become stronger, get busier, forgetting to involve God in the day to day.

If you relate to this, you’re certainly not alone. I’ve been there way too many times. But I don’t want to be there ever again.

Because why wouldn’t we want to have as much of God Almighty as possible right?

The world will try to convince us otherwise but there is no better way to live than on fire for God. Not lukewarm, not hot and cold, but burning hot. And I believe my day dates with God have really helped me stay close to him and as hot as possible… and I’d love to share more.

So what do you think - are you with me? If you are, listen on!

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Christian graphic Exodus 34:6 by You Are You Podcast The Yay Project Jenni Lien


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