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The Yay Project on the Soar Girls Podcast in India

Friends, may I introduce you to @soar.girls (follow!), a ministry for young women based in India!⁣

They have a beautiful vision to raise a generation of girls who soar in Christ. In everything they do, they hope to lift, lead and launch girls into their destiny! Check out their blog, devotions on YouVersion, eBooks, bible studies, WhatsApp group and… brand new podcast 🥳⁣

I had a wonderful time speaking with @sherylrraj, their podcast host, on:⁣

*Why I started The Yay Project⁣

*How to not fizzle out when discouraged⁣

*Advice on stewarding time well⁣

*How to focus on God not the gift⁣

*Pep talk for girls who want to be a creative⁣

While I’m always thankful for the opportunity to testify, I think I was more blessed to hear about Sheryl’s walk with Christ, how God has been speaking to the team on ministering to young women in India, and being able to share a wonderful time of prayer together. For me, it was a blessed reminder of how deeply two strangers can connect over a shared love of Christ and feel like family.⁣

Thank you Soar Girls for having me as your very first guest! And friends, I hope you’ll give the episode a listen!

May we all continue to testify far and wide. 🙏


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