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Yay Sisters: Linu George & Nikkita Robert of We Are Chai in London, UK

What a blessing it is to meet fellow believers from around the world.

I still remember when the primary way to do this was through mission trips and conferences. So thankful for all these online channels - from Instagram to Facebook to Clubhouse (find me @jennilien!) - that can be used to build real community.

As an introvert, I'm also thankful for online channels because it can makes connecting a little easier. If I was actually at a conference, it might feel more intimidating to start talking to two gorgeous Londeners (strangers!) but it was so natural to connect with Linu and Nikkita online. Their account We Are Chai was one of the first accounts I ever followed when I started The Yay Project and it's been so wonderful to see how they are obeying God together and the fruit that has grown.

So what is We Are Chai? Here it is in their own words.

Here at We Are Chai, we believe that everyone should have a safe, life-giving community in which they can give and receive support to come alive in their faith journey. We are committed to holding space for, empowering and creating a community of women who are awakened and alive as women of valor for Jesus Christ, through coaching, connection and scripture study resources.

Read on for Linu and Nikkita's honest testimonies of how God birthed the dream of We Are Chai in them and what he's taught them about their God-given design and God-given calling. And if you want to get to know them more, follow them online or, better yet, send them an email or DM (more details below)! They're open to follow-up questions and I know they have such a heart for pouring out the love of God as best as they can.

Name: Linu George

Location: London, UK

Age: 26

Welcome! Please could you tell us about yourself and @wearechai?

My name is Linu and I was born in India. I moved to the UK when I was 12. Growing up in a Christian family meant that I always knew of Jesus but didn’t know Him personally until I moved to the UK and I started attending the church where I met Nikkita!

My biggest turning point in faith was during my struggle with anxiety and panic attacks. I walked away from God when I had to drop out of university due to my panic attacks. But what an incredible God we serve - even though I walked away from God, He never left and I don’t think I would be here today if it wasn’t for Him helping me find my way back to the Lord. To cut a long story short, it was in that season where I fell in love with Him all over again, gave my life to Christ and God placed the dream of We are Chai within us.

Nikkita and I found community in each other and we saw how powerful a God-inspired community can be and that is how We are Chai was born. Our heart for Chai is to be a safe space and a community for those who are in need of intentional friendships and for women to come alive in Christ.

Have you ever struggled with identity? How did God lead you to his truth?

Reminding myself who I am in Christ is an on-going journey but God has led me to His truth by either using my community or using His word.

God has used my inner-circle friends to call me out when I am operating in fear or when I am believing a lie and they have been able to remind me who I am in Christ. Our friends and mentors can sometimes see through our excuses a lot quicker than we do ourselves and for that, I am always grateful for the community that God has placed me in.

But God’s reminders of my identity increase the more I spend time with Him and in His word. God reminds me of how loved I am, how fearfully and wonderfully I am made and that I am worth far greater than rubies (note: see Proverbs 3 & 31). Unless I make time to read it, I won't know it.

What does celebrating your God-given design mean to you?

For me, celebrating God’s design means to celebrate ourselves – we are fearfully and wonderfully made by the most talented Creator and when we see something in ourselves that we aren’t fond of, it is great to come back to His word and remind ourselves that we are cherished by the King of Kings.

It also means thanking God for the closed doors or the delays that He has placed in our lives, trusting Him that His design is perfect and He knows best. We can trust Him and lean on Him for comfort over those delays and closed doors.

What has God shown you about your God-given design through @wearechai?

The journey of We are Chai started back in 2015 and it didn’t look like this when we first started. Nikkita and I both had to go on a journey ourselves, go deeper in the Word, go deeper in our friendship with each other so that we can steward over We are Chai well.

God has shown us there is a purpose in the journey, purpose in the delay, growth in the waiting and we shouldn’t despise small beginnings. We are so grateful for the journey we have been on because it meant that we are able to serve more effectively and glorify God.

How would you encourage someone who is struggling to embrace their God-given design and live out their God-given calling?

I would say, we have all been there! Friend, remember that God created us, He created the potential within us and He knows exactly what He is calling you to do.

He knows us better than we do ourselves. We can trust the One who created us has equipped us for the calling He has placed on our lives.

But for those who are struggling to know what their calling is, I encourage you to go back to the last thing God told me to do and do that well, serve wholeheartedly while you wait for your next instructions.

Sometimes, God’s calling on your life will show up in your desires, your talents, and what makes your face light up – that is how We are Chai was born. How we use our talents to serve God is you walking in your God-given design. He has given you everything you need and you can remain confident that God will reveal more of your calling when you are ready to sustain that calling. Until then, stay faithful and committed to the last thing He called you to do.

Whether you are called to write a novel or be a light in the stock market industry, we can be confident that our primary calling is to love God with all our heart and mind and to love our neighbour as yourself – that is a pretty great starting point and God will lead us one step at a time!

Thank you for sharing your testimony! Are you open to receiving any follow-up questions? How can we contact you?

Yes of course! You can send me an email on linu@wearechai.com or DM us at @wearechai

Name: Nikkita Robert

Location: London, UK

Age: 28

Welcome! Please could you tell us about yourself and @wearechai?

I’m Nikkita! Born and raised in London! I grew up in church my whole life. Then at 16 years old, I lost my Papa to cancer. I remember praying to God and asking him to heal him the night before he died and when he didn’t… I believed that God wasn’t real.

So for four years, I walked away from church and God.

My mum was still active in church and at 20 years old, she invited me and my brother to the Caribbean evening night at my church. And that was the start of me making my way back to church. Through coming back to church, I was able to reconnect with Linu and we worked on a church project together. As we walked home from the project, I remember us realising our need for community and how we found it in each other instantly.

From there, We Are Chai was born!

Have you ever struggled with identity? How did God lead you to his truth?

For sure, I think we can all have this battle at different times. One thing that I’ve held onto is that God knew exactly who he created me to be. Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” God knew me before my mother did - how incredibly intimate is that?

Reminding myself that God has always been there from the beginning helps me remember that He’s also named me, claimed me as His and therefore my identity has been and always will be in Him. Staying in scripture and having a community that reminds me of who I am in Christ has contributed to me being led to this simple yet incredible truth. I am His.

What does celebrating your God-given design mean to you?

I think it means reminding myself that there is no-one like me and there’s no-one like you! This isn’t a shallow statement, just the truth. Although we’re created in the likeness of God - we are all so very different. Celebrating this means understanding that God intentionally positioned me for such a time as this with a specific goal and purpose. He did it for all of us!

What has God shown you about your God-given design through @wearechai?

I think God has shown me that He really does call the unqualified. Through Chai I believe that both Linu and I had to discover ourselves with Christ first, deepening our understanding of each other to begin journeying with our community of women.

God constantly reminds me that one of our God-given designs is to trust in Him and leading We Are Chai with Linu has truly taught me how to depend on and trust in the Lord.

How would you encourage someone who is struggling to embrace their God-given design and live out their God-given calling?

I would say that God is always speaking to us, sometimes we know exactly what He’s called us to do. That’s not what we’re scared of, we’re usually scared of the outcome. We ask questions like, “what if I fail?”, “what if it doesn’t turn out right?”, “why me?” or “what if I can’t do this?”

The truth is what God has called you to - He’s qualified you for.

Isaiah 55:8-9 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

Stay encouraged, trust that God sees the entire journey, and walk with Him as He reveals more little by little! I’m rooting for you!

Thank you for sharing your testimony! Are you open to receiving any follow-up questions? How can we contact you?

Yes, would love any follow-up questions & you can contact me via email at nikkita@wearechai.com or DM us @wearechai

Thank you, ladies!!