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Working on Earth as It Is in Heaven?

The Yay Project by Jenni Lien on YouTube

As I started preparing for ‘Working on Earth as It Is In Heaven’ (the latest @yaypodcast—out today!), Google doc open, asking God to lead, I saw a vision of a child standing on top of a cliff, holding a wooden staff, looking into the distance, with a large lion standing nearby, looking at the child fondly, light shining all around.⁣

I got the sense that the child was looking into the distance and ready to act, strengthened by time spent in the lion’s arms, enjoying his presence, speaking with him about heart matters, looking at things the lion had shown. ⁣

So now the child was ready but before acting came the reminder from the lion to fly on eagles wings (Isaiah 40:31).⁣

I felt God was reminding me:

I want to help you. Don’t forget I want to help you. Remember whose you are.

Not just me of course, but all his children.⁣

God wanted the child to act. He was expecting the child to act. The child may not know every single step to take but he’d already been given the vision and he was not alone. He’d spent time with the Lion of Judah — Jesus. Had spent sweet time in his presence, sharing his heart, learning Jesus’s character, growing in strength knowing what it was to truly be a child of God.⁣

But as the child was preparing to act — as we are entering this year and stepping into greater revelation of who God is and what he’s doing — it’s so important to not forget him. ⁣

More on the latest @yaypodcast Working on Earth as It Is In Heaven? Listen to on Spotify or Apple Podcasts 🌸 or if you prefer to watch, the podcast video is on YouTube (first one!).

You Are You Podcast by The Yay Project Christian Ministry from Hong Kong


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