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Should We "Just Believe" in God?

Purple Christian graphic art on promises from Jesus by The Yay Project Jenni Lien

On earth, there will always be things we don’t understand. Our personal circumstances, the world’s ... we might even pray and ask for answers and wait and hear ... maybe we even think we hear correctly ... but then it doesn’t work out, or turn out, or happen like we thought it might.

But no matter.

God is good and God knows best.

In the past I’ve had people say a “Just believe in God” mentality is naive, only for the gullible. But for me, that inner knowing of the Holy Spirit is real. I don’t understand everything about God or my circumstances but something inside me knows that He is in control. Of course we also have evidence in the Bible, and he works in our lives too.

So while we’re waiting for this virus to pass, for a million other things to happen (hope you’re praying on your God-given dreams too! 😉), I pray we all spend extra time waiting on God. Letting and waiting on him to move, however he decides to move.

Today how I wanted to hear from God didn’t happen like I thought. I wanted a thick, clear download of words like he often gives me. But as I was going on a lunchtime walk, listening and waiting for his voice, I realized that maybe I was hearing from God after all, in my heart. That he’s real and he loves me, and always gives me what I need, in his timing ... every day, forever. ❤️

Let us wait on the Lord with joy.