• Jenni Lien

New ✨ The Yay Project’s YouTube Channel

God is so worthy of worship. Our very, very best worship. Sometimes this includes singing, but also:

*affirmations - declaring his truths

*meditations - on his Word and who he is

*prophetic words - using our spiritual gifts

*soaking prayer - giving God our heart

This is the heart of the new YouTube channel ❤️

For many months, I’ve felt God opening my heart to starting a YouTube channel. As I was cleaning up my Google Docs a few days ago, I came across a note from as recent as 4 October 2021 where I’d wondered to myself “what’s the difference between [a YouTube channel] and the podcast?” 😅 But God has his timing. Over my social media break, I felt like I got more clarity, piece by piece, and when I entered into a four-day long prayer retreat (an introvert’s dream hah) at the end of December, more came tumbling out.

As with everything Yay-related, it’s always a step of faith. Having some pieces, doing my best to obey, and trying to honour God with it all. If you’re looking for a place that hopes to help you centre on God and worship him with your whole heart, I pray you’ll check out the new YouTube channel - let’s worship him and walk in faith together. 🌱☀️

Trailer and the first video out today ❤️

Any questions, please reach out!

Jenni x