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Sharing about The Gathering Project on Girls Talking Life

Honoured to be sharing my experience with The Gathering Project on the Girls Talking Life podcast today :)

Last year, I mentioned how I'd taken part in The Gathering Project. Here's the full post and below is a quick recap.

What is The Gathering Project?

It's a 5-day experience to plan, prep and gather with your girlfriends.

What will be covered in the 5 days?

Over the course of 5 days, you will:

  • Define the purpose of your gathering

  • Name the women you'd like to include

  • Choose the type of gathering you'll have

  • Decide where to have it

  • Learn about including elements

  • Receive hostess support

Listen to hear about the get-together I planned through the Project and the community that’s come out of it (all links here). Then, save your spot for the next round of Yohonna's mini-course so YOU can plan your own gathering!

She'll give you the insider information to plan a gathering that's meaningful, and she'll give you the accountability to actually do it!

As Yohonna says,

Let's create meaningful connections, build lasting friendships, and grow in our faith together this year!"

Let's do it! :)


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