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Japanese cafe review: THE ALP, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

A new Japanese Cafe in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong with an Apres-Ski Vibe

A few weeks ago, I was on the hunt for a mid-day coffee and went into Tower535 in Causeway Bay. I’d visited Appendix Coffee & Bar on the 3F before and was heading there when I noticed a new cafe called THE ALP. It had a cute wooden cabin kind of feel and I was curious to try but it was oddly busy even on a weekday afternoon. So I headed to Appendix as planned but wanted to check out THE ALP on another day. Soon I recruited a friend and we popped over for a late lunch.

THE ALP Cafe in Causeway Bay Hong Kong

The Vibe

THE ALP is the cafe arm of the Lounge Hakuba bar that opened late last year. If you haven’t checked out either yet, basically the cafe / bar aims to transport you to the Japanese Alps with its cute apres-ski vibe.

We were sat at one of the low tables by the couches which I do not recommend for those who are eating. The tables are skinny and it’s awkward to eat plated food. Try and get a regular table if you can and leave the low tables for coffee / tea chats.

Coffee at THE ALP Cafe in Causeway Bay Hong Kong

The Drinks

We ordered one Hojicha latte and one Matcha latte (both $45). Both were excellent, with the Hojicha tasting slightly milder than the Matcha. Huge cups. Great value.

The Food

The food is focused on brunchy and light bites as well as more indulgent snacks.

Avocado toast at THE ALP Cafe in Causeway Bay Hong Kong

We started with the Avocado Sourdough ($98) which I loved. I enjoy a lot of flavours in my brunch food and this avo toast had cherry tomatoes, feta, a pesto-like mint sauce and fried lotus chips. The sourdough itself was also great - lots of flavour and soft, chewy texture.

Soba bowl at THE ALP Cafe in Causeway Bay Hong Kong

When the Scattered Soba Bowl ($118) came out we were amazed at how huge the portion was. It looked great and seemed a solid option for those looking for a healthy yet filling lunch. The pumpkin and egg were delicious but unfortunately the other items didn’t fare as well. Both the soba and chicken were over cooked and our avocado was underipe (surprising as our toast was so great).

Mushroom sando at THE ALP Cafe in Causeway Bay Hong Kong

The Portobello Sando ($98) was a solid snack. Hunks of juicy portobello were sandwiched with parmesan flakes, arugala and balsamic vinegar amidst two thick slices of toast.

Beef donburi at THE ALP Cafe in Causeway Bay Hong Kong

Lastly, the Beef Mountain Donburi ($118) also came as a generous portion. The sauce was a bit bland, perhaps as we’d had quite a few flavourful items before it, but the overall quality was OK.


We could always use another great coffee / tea place in Causeway Bay and THE APL adds this. The food was a bit hit and miss during our visit but has promise. It also seems to be a popular place for shisha. Their outdoor patio was busy with many partaking during our visit and they have a whole wall full of flavours.

Unit 302, No, 535 Jaffe Rd, Causeway Bay, 2111 1707

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