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Surrendering, Repenting, Getting Back on Track

You Are You Christian podcast by Jenni Lien

Confession time!

A ‘real talk’ episode (“Surrendering, Repenting, Getting Back on Track”) on why there hasn’t been a new podcast episode in two months, as well as a recap of why this podcast started, how it’s going, and what the plans are moving forward.

Listen to You Are You Podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Sneak peek: Have you ever delayed in obeying God because you were enjoying your last season… and didn’t want to pivot when God said pivot? If so, this episode is for you! May we continue to share the lessons God is teaching us, pointing each other back to Christ, always. A blessing to be walking together, thank you for being here 🙏 🎧❤️

Ps. New logo was a real family effort. See stories for a ‘behind the scenes’ of taking the shot (two tiny bebes involved!) and many thanks to my design expert sister for adding her magic to the new logo. I hope you like it, too 😌

Pps. Two new episodes are out today! The second one is on The Anna Calling // Intercessory Missionaries 🙏❤️


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