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Sakura brunch review: Uma Nota x OKRA Hong Kong

A few weeks ago, my friend A invited me to join her for a tasting at Uma Nota (one of Hong Kong’s cutest restaurants). The Brazillian-Japanese spot was partnering with OKRA on a new Sakura Brunch ($350 per person). I hadn’t been to Uma Nota or OKRA in years and was keen to check it out.

How cute is the decor? Bringing sakura season to the heart of Hong Kong.

Loved starting with these light, fresh, floral Hanami Highballs (order a la carte or a 90 min free flow package starting at $195 per person)

The menu is broken into four sections.

Section 1: Sushi and Maki

Jackfruit, soba noodles, egg maki

Crispy-bottomed sushi rice trio

Unagi dice with toasted brazil nuts and sansho pepper (fave!)

Section 2: I Like It Raw

Flounder sashimi and parsley salsa (one of the highlights)

Poached baby firefly squid, guava, jalapeno miso, soy cured egg yolk (intense, another fave)

Tuna ribbons ceviche with lean and fatty tuna

Section 3: To Share

We opted for the Sanbaizu Lamb with miso antichcho sauce (so incredibly tender)

Section 4: Dessert Platter

Sakura plum and matcha cheesecake, rainbow cake, vegan ice cream, fresh fruit


The new Sakura Brunch is both cute and tasty. It comes with a lot of food making the price seem really worthwhile. A few of the dishes weren’t to our taste but overall there were plenty of highlights to make this a memorable meal. Grab a friend and check this one out before Sakura ‘season’ leaves Hong Kong!

F, Upper G, 38 Peel St, Central, 2889 7576


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