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When Was the Last Time You Ran to Jesus Like a Child?

Imagine a small child running into the throne room. So happy and excited, feet pitter pattering so quickly you think they might trip! But they don’t. They reach Jesus, who embraces them, strokes their hair as they rest in him, giving them exactly what they need. If the child wanted to say something, they could have a great chat. Or they could also just be, with the child knowing they’re safe, secure, totally, totally loved and adored.

As I prayed this morning, I felt God show me this scene - that this is how he sees me (a privilege for all his children). To think of how much I love hanging with my friends’ toddlers. How much more Jesus Christ wants to spend time with me! To remember afresh that his children can enjoy being cared for - to ask him to show me how loved I am.

I don’t know what it is but there’s something about being told you’re loved. Sure we can *know* we’re loved - but it’s nice to hear it. We want to hear it from our family members, partners, leaders even. God loves us - and oh how incredible that he will take the time to remind us!

Of course he is our God. We serve him, not the other way around. But as we know we are so loved, I think it becomes easier to go all in with God, love him and obey what he says. We’re not just obeying rules, doing what he says so we don’t get reprimanded. We can LOVE to spend time with God, obeying him, doing life with him because we’re so IN LOVE with him.

We love because he first loved us. (John 4:19)

Is there any greater joy than fixing our eyes on God continually? To seek, worship, know and enjoy him daily - knowing he wants to embrace and support us? Praying we live from this place of believing with all we are that there is no other name but the name of our God. 🥰

Open our eyes, Lord. Show us more of you. Oh how we love you.

Drop a 🎉 if we’re rejoicing together over God’s great love today!


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