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[Closed] Restaurant review: Le Souk in Soho, Hong Kong

A tried-and-true Moroccan favourite in Soho

I have a family friend that comes into town once a month for his EMBA program, and we try to catch up over a meal. This time we were both feeling Moroccan food so I booked Lilya, the new Dining Concepts place on Wyndham. After some research, it seemed like Lilya was much more bar than restaurant with some complaining the portions were very small for the price. That's one of my dining pet peeves, so I booked Le Souk instead.

While I'd never been to Le Souk, I'd heard great things about it from countless people. It's a cozy restaurant on Staunton, just a step off the Escalators. I don't think the restaurant can fit more than eight to ten tables, and ours ended up being right smack in the middle. There's something very charming about the space though, it feels like a hidden secret.

Moroccan Middle Eastern food in Hong Kong

I absolutely loved the hummos with grilled chicken ($60). The blended chickpeas were lightly spiced and creamy, and the roasted chicken pieces were generous and very moist.

Moroccan Middle Eastern food in Hong Kong

Our second starter, the roasted fresh fig salad ($95), was also delicious. The figs were ripe and juicy, and tasty against the greens, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese and sticky balsamic vinegar. A wonderful choice for the hot summer.

We opted for two lamb mains: the lamb tagine ($150) and the cous cous a Le Souk ($165).

Moroccan Middle Eastern food in Hong Kong

The lamb tagine was very comforting, tender meat and potatoes marinating in a rich gravy. Unfortunately, the meat from the lamb shank that was served with the cous couse was a tad dry but the flavour was still good. Served alongside the lamb shank, were two long Merguez beef sausages that were full of flavour and very juicy.

Moroccan Middle Eastern food in Hong Kong

On a hot summer evening, refreshing iced mint teas ($40 each) are an excellent choice and we had about three each during the course of our meal. They also went well with the baklava ($40), six mini pastry pieces with just a hint of sweetness.

Moroccan Middle Eastern food in Hong Kong

As for the atmosphere, it was lively and fun. When we arrived at 8 pm, the restaurant was full with two large groups. There are colourful Moroccan tiles and glass lamps hanging from the ceiling, the latter more for atmosphere than light as the restaurant was dark and atmospheric.

Overall, I enjoyed Le Souk and would go again. I see it to Moroccan food what Bistro Du Vin is to French food - hearty, comforting, value for money staples with good but not mind blowing flavours.

4 Staunton St, Central, 2522 2128


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