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[Closed] Restaurant review: Jamie's Italian in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

A very satisfying festive sharing menu

I love the Christmas holidays. In addition to celebrating the true meaning of Christmas, there’s a chill in the air, colourful lights around, carols playing in public, and a selection of special foods that are only available around the holidays. Growing up in Canada, this always meant a roast meat (turkey, ham or beef), a plethora of sides, and pies, pies and more pies. Living in Hong Kong doesn’t always make it easy to eat my favourite treats. It’s even harder to try and cook them up in my tiny kitchen. So I’ve kept an eye out for restaurants offering special Christmas menus this year.

Jamie’s Italian was on my radar because I’d had my very first Hong Kong Christmas work party there back in 2015. It was a small group of about 20 of us, and I remember how the meal felt so cozy with lots of sharing platters just like we’d have at home. I also remember practically rolling out of the restaurant. I didn’t pay the bill so didn’t pay much attention to the price, but looked it up this year and couldn’t believe the Festive Sharing Menu is HK$368 per person (available 1 to 31 December). I mean, it’s filled with so much good stuff including prawns, antipasti, and three mains including roast turkey.

Was the food as good as I remembered?


Food at Jamie's Italian restaurant in Hong Kong

Sometimes, I find the food at Jamie’s Italian to be simple and classic. Good quality and tasty, but not necessarily exciting. I changed my mind when I dug into the Retro Prawn Cocktail. These glasses were full of super fat prawns, served with smashed avocado and covered in a tabasco-spiked bloody mostarda mayo. Tangy, spicy, and delicious.

Food at Jamie's Italian restaurant in Hong Kong

The Antipasti Platter seems to be a regular feature; we’d had it at my first Christmas party too. There were an assortment of cold cuts, cheeses, and fried items such as arancini balls and these absolutely addictive cheese stuffed raviolis with marinara sauce for dipping.


Food at Jamie's Italian restaurant in Hong Kong

On the night I went for the 2017 Festive Sharing Menu tasting, there were a lot of us and the turkey was carved at the table. This was awesome because it allowed us to see just how juicy the bird was. I mean the drippings were a sight to behold! I nearly always opt for dark meat as I find the breast too dry, but even the white meat at Jamie’s was incredibly juicy. I don’t know how they’re cooking the turkeys, but they’re doing it right. Served alongside the turkey were bowls of stuffing, mashed squash, sweet potato fries with bacon (soft and super yum), shredded brussel sprouts with garlic and sage, gravy and cranberry sauce. With the exception of the sweet potato fries, none of the sides really stood out to me. There was nothing bad about them, but I found the seasoning to be a bit too mild. I also wished they’d served good old fashioned, buttery mashed potatoes too.

Food at Jamie's Italian restaurant in Hong Kong

Interestingly, there were two other main courses served with the turkey and sides. One was the Fish in a Bag, where a juicy piece of salmon was roasted in tin foil alongside a variety of grains, pumpkin, and Italian greens. I loved this. The fish was tender and moist, and the grainy base had a nice spicy kick. This is definitely a good option for those that want to eat a bit healthier over the holidays.

Food at Jamie's Italian restaurant in Hong Kong

The other main was an Ossobucco alla Milanese. I had super high hopes for this dish, as I’m a sucker for tender veal and bone marrow. Unfortunately the meat in our dish was a bit dry, but it had a nice citrus glaze.


Food at Jamie's Italian restaurant in Hong Kong

To end off the feast, we were served a dessert plank of Jamie’s favourites. I was full to the brim but managed to sneak a few bites of the chocolate tart, pannettone cake, and sundae. There’s nothing like a little sugar and fat to push one over into food coma territory.


The Festive Sharing Menu at Jamie’s Italian is definitely one of the better deals in town. Just $368 per person for a huge Christmas-y meal without any of the fuss or clean up. I still can’t get over how juicy the turkey was! Whether you’re looking for a restaurant to eat out at with friends and loved ones, or looking for a place to order a turkey to eat at home, definitely consider Jamie’s.

Merry Christmas!

Jamie's Italian, 2/F, Soundwill Plaza II, 1 Tang Lung St, East Point, Causeway Bay, 3958 2222

Cover photo is from the PR agency.

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